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  1. I know this topic has been beat to death, having to move soon and with the gas mileage I'm getting, I might have to sell the truck, so I have a 99 silverado 1500 4x4, with a 5.3, getting 9.5mpg, it has a custom tune on it, new o2 sensors, cleaned maf sensor. New plugs, fuel filter, full synthetic fluids all the way around, swapped to electric fans, ran seafoam in it countless times, clean throttle body, no dragging brakes, I've rebuilt the entire front suspension, new u joints, 3.73 gears, 34 inch tires, havent seen any vacuum leaks, fuel trims are within spec, compression is perfect, fuel pressure is good, I'd be fine with 12-13 mpg, but even when I had stock wheels and tires with a tune. I still only got 9.5 mpg now I have 34s with a tune and oddly enough. Still gets the same mileage, what can I do to bring it up a little bit, its killing my wallet, i see all these other guys on 6 inch lifts getting 15mpg and i cant even break double digits
  2. The orange wire is constant 12v, i learned this because when i turnee the key off the dash lights stayed on, so i left it disconnected as it had been
  3. So i installed a sound system in my truck yestersay and all had been good. No issues untill today, i hit a speedbump and the dash lights flickered for a second, then shutoff for good, the 4wd light still works, and the indicatora on the dash, but not the backlight for the dash, i also noticed my fog light button and the indicator also no longer work, i have an orange wire behind my radio that is hanging loose for several months now, and when i connect it to another wire, the dash lights come on, so i know the lights in the cluster are still good? Any ideas, i only drive at night so need help soon
  4. I know the truck is running off the tune because i can go passed the 100 mark and truck doesnt shut off anymore
  5. Alright so before, i have complained about fuel mileage, but i have though of somethinf that might be tied into it, so before i got a custom tune and everything, the truck would do 100mph and shut off like every other truck, well i have since replaced plugs, wires, o2 sensors, knock sensors, fixed exhaust leak, and got an hp tuners custom tune, and several other tune up stuff, and the truck still only does around 100-103, and doesnt go much further, the governer is now set at 120, now i dont beat in the truck or drive it that fast at all, but wad curious what it could do after a tune, several other trucks get to 120 with ease without a governer, not sure why mine won't, only.has 165k miles, any help would be appreciated
  6. Im not sure if they sell kits, i plan on removing the heads to drill them out one dat, and all 4 o2s are like 3 months old
  7. I do have 1 stud broken on each manifold by the fire wall but i cant imagine it bringing me to a horrible 9.5 mpg instead of the average 15
  8. 212k miles, pulled valvcover and yes i used a borescooe camera and looks amazing for the miles, i habe replaced all fluids, speedo is corrected and i put wheels and tires on it myself, no vacuum leaks, clean perfectly functioning maf sensor, cleaned TB 100% about 3 days ago
  9. Hey guys. So im suffering from horrible fuel mileage with my truck, its a 99 silverado 5.3 4x4 with 3.73s and 33 inch tires, when i bought it, it got a solid 10mpg, now im getting around 9- 9.5, and the inside of the motor is perfect. No sludge or carbon buildup or anything, runs and shifts great no noises or anything. So far i have done everything i can to change it 02,sensors fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, knock sensors, cleaned fuel injectors, new plugs, brand new cats, seafoamed it, fresh and full oil all the way around, i drive it very easy and never stomp on the gas, i even have an hptuners custom tune on it and even that didnt change gas mileage, im stuck and not sure what else to do, im at my witts end with this truck and i would love to get at the most 15mpg. Doubt i can but im shooting for more than 9.5, any help is appreciated, thank you
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