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  1. You may have 3.08 gearing and going to .3.73 and doing a 6.0 swap would be absolutely night and day I’m sure your right tho about the lack of power in the 4.8.
  2. Looking around and can’t find anything on this. Seems like a pain but you might have to try it to see and if you definitely let us know so others will have that info
  3. That’s super wack I’ve never heard of this before and would have no idea were to even start good luck with this one
  4. You could probably just clean and paint it. But idk how much they cost I guess if they’re real cheap might as well
  5. If your saying you want to pull the guts from your current mirror and put them in the standard mirror to save some money then most likely I can’t imagine them designing new molds for the different options it would cost a lot more. But don’t take my word for it I doubt there been anyone who’s done this and if there is they’re probably 1 in a million
  6. If you explain your situation then people would probably be more interested in replying
  7. The 6.0 actually gets better mpg than the 4.8 or 5.3 partly because the ls motor was designed as a 6.0 then they adapted it to a 5.3 and 4.8 so the smaller sizes were kind of an after thought and also. The reason why I love Chevy ls based motor so much is cause there all like LEGO’s more or less all 4.8, 5.3 and 6.0 are completely interchangeable as far as long blocks go for short blocks 4.8 and 5.3 are totally interchangeable the only real difference between The different models are like which heads they had which there mostly interchangeable between blocks. Or if it’s aluminum block vs iron block which it really doesn’t matter which one honestly. all you need is to go to a dyno or tuning shop and have them load the new engine displacement tune onto your ecu. You can drive the truck other there after the swap it just won’t run right at all so do t drive all around with it if your going 4.8 to 6.0 it might not run but you should be able to take in just the ecu depending on the shop. And no you can’t take he ecu from the same displacement motor and expect it to work because the vin is encoded in the ecu and it’s also encoded with your security module or whatever is called I’m pulling a blank but basically the vin numbers won’t match so it’ll think your trucks trying to be stolen. But you can keep all your same wiring and sensors motor mounts etc. sorry for the whole novel but I’d figure just lay it out there for others to help them too. But the only thing that I guess matters is make sure you get the same generation motor as your truck. Which you should have a gen 4 instead of the gen 3 I think it been a minute since I’ve had to remember those. Also same pretty much goes for the trans just get the same converter that the motor had. Transmissions are a little more complicated than that but I’m sure your sick of hearing from me lol.
  8. Completely agree or could be another ground somewhere. Also I’ve known bad or going bad knock sensors to go bad I know there a way to test them but the details go over my head.
  9. seems Dumb but check the basics of electrical power flow first like battery voltage to make sure it’s not dead the terminal connections and especially were the negative side connects to ground and the positive to the fuse block or wherever it goes to on yours. And check fuses to make sure nothing shorted while you were working on it. These may seems dumb but idk how many times I’ve spent hours trying to fix one of these things that I overlooked.
  10. I replied on your other post about this but it’s probably a ground is moving while your driving
  11. It’s probably a ground somewhere that’s loose and is moving around while driving. My truck back in September and it happened again today actually was that a ground Was causing my starter to not work unless I crossed it and my a/c to not work as well as not let my trans auto shift only if I manually did it. It’s really weird the problems you can get with grounds. Clean and tighten them ALL even if they seem fine I have a 1980 f150 that the ground from the motor to the frame is new clean and tight it’ll go bad and almost none of the electricals Will work I’ll clean it and then it’s totally fine after that for a couple months. It sucks to do kind of but it’s probably your issue
  12. Thank you guys this is more than what I was expecting. I think this forum is gonna come in handy for other too.
  13. I have a 4.8 2004 2wd Silverado. I want to make 350-400hp with no nitrous or boost. Some places say I could do it with just a cam and a tune and it would be just fine and some say I would needs heads intake manifold and cams and a tune to barely make it. So let me know what you guys think. First off I know I should just get a 6.0 but right now I have a 4.8 that runs great and you can grab em for 200-400 all day long so they’re almost disposable in my opinion. Boost may be an option in the future but I’ve never had anything boosted before and I don’t feel like getting into that right now. Also let me know exactly what cams or heads I should do every where people just say throw a cam in it but don’t say which one. Thanks
  14. So I ended up taking it to a shop they couldn’t figure it out and so I took it to an electrical shop and they did the batter cables and all the grounds didn’t do anything they clean a couple of trans connectors and apparently that worked so ya I guess so connector was dirty or loose. Fml
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