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  1. 10-4 i was just curious cause its my only means of transportation so it cant be out of comission long. Thanks for all the information everyone its been a great help. Now just gotta tough out all these 7-12s so i can get to some off time to do it lol
  2. Big ol 10-4 i think that will be the route i go then. I mean its not that much more and im one of those that has the mindset get what you want and do it right the first time so you dont have to do it again.
  3. Also just out of curiosity whats the significance of the adjustable kit? Just so you can play with the settings and fine tune to your personal taste i assume?
  4. Any vibration issue with the mcgaugheys drop due to pinion angle? Ive seen alot of people run into that and wasnt sure if it was directly related to certain kits or all drop in general. Im still learning. The c10 i mentioned before is a truck i bought for my dad to teach me on that we could build together but thats come to a halt with his health being what it is lately and the way i work. Anyways sorry for the random off subject ramble.
  5. Thanks loads! I have looked for a straight forward answer like that all over even emailed djm for info and got no reply. Just to be clear i want to do all the work myself i dont have a lift but do have jack stands and such. Is mcgaugheys drop able to be done without lowering the tank i saw that djm says it can be done with theirs but i havent looked into mcgaugheys yet cause they dont show prices for some reason. (Probably my error) im somewhat mechanically inclined. I mean i like to think i know what im doing since i been building a 67 c10 the past 2 years lol.
  6. Hello all im new to the forum and was briefly reading the thread and wanted to ask a question or a series of some actually. I have a 2015 silverado double cab 2wd that i want to lower its all stock at the moment. Im eyeballing the djm 4/7 drop and am also eyeballing 22" and 24" wheels. And ive looked everywhere trying to get info and just cant get what im looking for. I use this truck as my sole means of transportation and it needs to remain just as reliable. So if i go 4/7 what would be the best options for wheel and tire size for best ride quality and least rub, and how would it effect towing? And if i can see pics of any examples that would be awesome as well. Thanks in advance for any help and advice
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