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  1. I installed a swing case on the bed of the truck. They go for about 200 bucks. I have the jack, lug nut wrench, small tool box, straps, rachet wrenches, zip ties and pliers in there. Awesome little box.
  2. I did a simple install of a amp and 2 10"s. Used the groundshaker dual 10 downfire box and went with rockford for the amp and subs. Not touching the speakers yet. It sounds pretty good to me as it is now. Defenetly needed the extra thump.
  3. And some hood simple decals also add a nice touch... Pin stripes are from back in the day. No disrespect to anyone that likes them. People just dont do them much anymore..
  4. No pin stripes but door decals look good....
  5. So I got a few things done. Installed some decals on the doors and installed a amp and with 2 10's. Used the box from Groundshaker. Here is a updated picture. I know I said I would change the wheels later on but pulled the trigger on the Fuel Maverick. Im sticking with the stock tire. Also installed the swing tool case. Happy so far.
  6. Congrats on the new truck. Yea, so far I love the truck. Dosent need that many mods to look awesome and it drives very smooth with the factory lift. I loved my Colorado but it drove horrible with the RC lift. Here is some pics of the old baby.
  7. Thanks for the info. I guess Ill give the gibson a try. Im used to running the Corsa but didnt see one available that will allow me to keep the tips on the bumper. If I dont like it, I guess Ill try the Borla or see if Corsa comes out with one. I grabbed the Gibson on discount from Real Truck. Hopefully it will be okay.
  8. Unfortunately, I havent taken many pictures and it pouring down here. All I have is pics of the first day I got it. I'll post pictures by this Saturday coming up. By then I should have the door decals and the groundshaker subwoofer box installed. Menwhile here is a pic of the truck when I got it.
  9. I wanted to intruduce myself. I recently purchased a Trail Boss. I traded my 2015 Colorado which I had done a lot mods to and actually really liked the look of it. However, I started having problems with the lift and the truck shaking. Once I saw myself spending money in Fox shocks, replacing a rear axle, the inner and outter tie rods, sway bar links, etc and the shake didnt go away, I traded it. I took a loss on it since I had put well over $8,000.00 on mods. Im gonna keep it simple with the trail boss since it already comes fully loaded and lifted. Will be doing mainly aesthetic mods to it. So far Ive got it tinted, installed a gator recoil bed cover, installed the old amp and subs that i took out of the Colorado (waiting on groundshaker dual 10" sub box which should arrive Wednesday), installed some pedal covers Chevy letters on the tailgate recessed logo and underglow lights for the interior in blue. On order I have the Gibson catback, door decals, mgp caliper covers, coyote wheel spacers, RGBW rock lights, black silverado emblem for tailgate, 4x4 emblem for tailgate. Ill change the wheels eventually. Sorry for the long post.
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