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  1. Just ordered the Diamondback SE for mine! Should be shipping Sept 12th and can't wait. Bit pricey as you mentioned but nothing like it in my eyes.
  2. Thanks! Now I have a few pics from the morning I picked her up. Truck needs a bath but that is a constant battle lately with the dust.
  3. ** UPDATE and a honest 250mi review** Got the truck back Saturday morning from the shop. First impression - WOW!! It almost sits like a 2500 does from the factory. It looks like an AT should. I am in love with the overall feel of it and the way it sits. The truck has an ever so slight rake to it still which I love. I need to upload pics to photo bucket and then I will post them up here. There is minor rubbing when backing up with the 275/65/20's. I was wrong about the stock 20" AT rims fitting with the Camburg arms. They hit at full lock and I am currently addressing it. I have G2 1.25" spacers on the way to see how that works out. I have delt with G2 in the Jeep world so they should be fine. Spidertrax does not make spacers for our trucks. They make a 6 x 5.5 spacer but the bolts are Toyota size (too small). I love the look of the AT rims so they aren't changing. For right now I can get away with 98% of my driving with out ever having to go full lock on the wheels. It handles a standard right or left turn just fine. The tires are fully under the fenders like stock. With the spacers it should sit how I would like. Top of the tire is under the top of the fender and slight poke from the rocker edges. Now on to the ride. I have logged 250mi so far of mixed road driving. I live in central NJ and take the NJ turnpike daily to work. Around home is back country roads that twist / turn and vary from 25-50mph. 0-30mph these shocks are meh for bumps and such. I knew buying them that they aren't meant for low speed control and are not built for it. They do have a planted feel and reminds me of my lifted Yota or Jeep. My Jeep was a fully custom Rokmen system so its not what most are used to when driving a lifted Jeep. The truck is smooth but has that feel to it we all know. You can barely notice road hum from the AT2's and I drove home last night from dinner with the wife and had the windows up. She commented that there isn't the loud HUM to them and that she approved. 40mph and over these shocks wake up. Just drove 287 where there are plenty of expansion joints, dips, bumps and pavement patches in a concrete roadway. The truck just takes it. Cruised at 75-80mph the entire 35mi stretch of TP to and from work and loved it. I love driving the truck now. Its not just a generic run of the mill truck anymore. Wife took the truck Sunday with the horse trailer in tow. Ben the Clydesdale on the drivers side and Oliver the paint/draft mix on the passenger. Yes, the wife owns a Clydesdale and rides him in a English saddle on the trails near home haha. Anyway, the truck got an approval from her and her only complaint is that it needs AMP steps or sliders to assist her in getting in. She said she was going to get them for my BDAY but I chose flooring for the house instead haha. Priorities I keep telling myself haha. The wife takes the truck quite a bit as we own a horse / chicken farm in addition to our full time jobs so her opinion does matter. She takes it once a month out to Lancaster for feed so I want her to enjoy it. I support her hobbies and she mine. With the trailer on and the boys in, it has a slight nose up rear squat to her. I notice it but its not terrible. Eventually the Firestone airbag kit will go in to help with feed runs. Between the boys, tact and trailer I would guess 4500-5000lbs. If you made it this fair, congrats and thank you! Now for the breakdown : 6112 Kit - 580 5160's - 320 5160 Mounting Kit - 80 All new GM hardware - 200 Camburg UCA - 780 Tires / M&B / Alignment / Install - 2000 Total OTD = $3960
  4. Hows the ride since you have EXACTLY the same front setup I will have come this weekend? Truck looks amazing.
  5. I got the call this am that mine will be pushed back till next Friday. I'm close with the owner and told him that if shit came up, NBD. Not happy but what can I do? I have too much on my plate as it is and don't feel like being that guy. I have the stock All Terrain 20's and they should clear the UCA without issue. I read that note on their website and went out and looked before ordering. I also rarely tow but will be installing the Firestone kit this fall. The horse trailer barely makes her squat. Its the feed and fertilizer but that is one trip in the spring and once in the fall. My truck has a decent rake from the factory which I hate. I' at about a 3" rake right now on stock equipment. 2014 GMC AT extended cab with 89,000 on the clock. I'm going to see how it turns out and then go from there.
  6. Mine FINALLY goes on this Friday and picking her up Sat morning! Can't wait to see how she does. Ended up with 275/65/20 Toyo AT2's. Once I get it home, she gets hooked up to the horse trailer and then tested on a 2 hour haul out to Lancaster
  7. Been watching and reading this thread for a VERY long time now. Finally bit the bullet and ordered everything. 2014 Sierra 1500 AT Extended Cab w/ 87k miles Last piece of the puzzle is tires. I will get everything installed and see what I actually have to work with. Right now I am thinking 275/65/20's What I ended up getting - Camburg UCA's 6112's in the front 5160's in the rear 5160 mounting brackets All new mounting hardware
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