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  1. Another source told me that if the sensor was bad it could be sending the computer the wrong amount of 02 in the exhaust causing that bank to have too much fuel making the egg smell as well...is that possible or no
  2. A few months ago i had a random misfire and a cylinder 3 misfire ...I replaced all of that and there was no code being thrown for a few weeks. Now i have p0430. My exhaust pipe on the passenger side smell almost like eggs while the other one smells normal. Could this be an o2 sensor or is it most likely the catalytic conveter
  3. Just letting off the gas...when i step on the brake the tac goes down slow then after about 900 it drops down normal speed.
  4. When i put my truck in drive and push the the gas while going slow and staying in 1st and let go the rpm go down really slow but if i rev it while in park the rpm go down normal...is this a sensor somewhere or is my transmission going bad?
  5. Late up date: I ended up getting a new belt because the one i bought had a defect and it stretched some...warranty covered it and the click/squeak went quiet
  6. I spun the pulleys; they are smooth and quiet but when i put my ear to a long screw driver touching the tensioner i hear a click.
  7. Recently Started to hear a clicking noise from the front of my engine that used to go away when it got warm but now it always there...i replaced the belt, the tensioner pulley bearing and the idler pulley. The sound went away but came back after a quick drive. What could this be?(not the timing chain because I replaced that a few months back)
  8. On a white paper towel my transmission fluid is light brown. I have been debating on whether I should change it or not because people tell me that it will stop shifting good. Should i just change it and add some lucas transmission fix?
  9. So recently I changed my timing chain and timing cover...while at it I replaced my oil pan gasket because it had already been leaking. The fel-pro instructions said nothing about rtv so i put the gasket on dry and now a few weeks later, it's leaking where the oil pan meets the timing cover. Any advice on what i should do
  10. So replaced the fuel filter the cap, rotor, wires, plugs, ignition coil, ignition control module, timing chain and still a p1345 (manufacturer control ignition system or misfire)
  11. Yes...i just don't know what will happen if i keep pressing the balancer in. It can go in more but how do i know when to stop pressing it in
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