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  1. So i want to connect a sub to my truck. For the amp, i was wondering if i could connect the power wire to my aux A or the aux B...would that work?
  2. Well I haven't thought of that but i am replacing my fuel pump tomorrow because i have a fuel pressure issue
  3. It didn't do it until after i stopped for gas and i drove for about 30 miles to get to my destination and it did it during that whole 30 miles
  4. Also make sure you do not have a defective cat because i kept getting cyl 3 misfire and it was the cap terminal for cyl 3
  5. So usually at a hot idle my oil pressure is between 15 and 20 psi and at 75 mph my pressure is usually between 40 and 45. I changed my oil before a road trip and on the trip my oil started to fluctuate between 45 And 55 psi...could this mean something bad?(245,000 miles)
  6. What maintenance have you done to the ignition system? My truck would die at a hot start until i put a new battery and it never happened again. As for the rough idle this could be anything in the ignition system that is warn...is your cel flashing?
  7. Use a white paint marker on the timing mark when you use your timing light...it helps a lot
  8. So I have a 98 cheyenne 5.7 with a 2.5 inch cat less y-pipe and i was thinking about putting shorty headers on and Maybe a cold air intake. Will damage be caused if i were to not get a tune (this is my daily driver). Where would i even get a tune for this
  9. So i am changing out the catalytic converter section of my exhaust to one without cats and the old catalytic converter section has the studs on it. I cant find those studs anywhere in stores...any advice?
  10. So my refrigerant leaked out of my compressor (it was hissing out if the compressor) i used r134a with dye and the ac gauge showed full but the compressor kept fast cycling and no cold air even came out...it takes abt a day to leak out completely. I thought that i might have had a bad clutch switch so i changed that and filled the ac system with r134a with dye and it still fast cycled and i still couldn't see an uv dye coming from the hissing compressor
  11. 240,000 miles...it isn't really burning a noticeable amount of oil...but sometimes the exhaust stinks only on one pipe. On another post someone had said that the smell is mostly definitely a cat and not an 02 sensor
  12. So i have a p0430 and I don't really want to buy 2 new cats. Would it be a good idea to just get both cats removed and put a pipe in place? Or should i just spend the money and get 2 new cats.(my truck is 98 Cheyenne with a 5.7)
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