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  1. I figured it out! I was watching the 2018 model video but I found one for 2019 and finally got it on. A little different instruction but basically same process.
  2. Recently purchased 3.0 JLT oil catch can. As I went to install it on my Silverado I honestly didn’t really see if it would fit so I backed off to get more info. Has anyone installed a oil catch can on the 2019 Silverado? The main reason for stopping the install was that the intake has some piece on the left holding it together that i can’t seem to find a way to get loose. I loosened the clamps to the air box and Intake manifold but some weird peice on the left is still holding it together when i attempted to take the intake off.
  3. That’s awesome ?? I don’t do a lot of towing. Which is why I got the trail boss but I wish they gave out 3.73 gears for the heavier tires. But honestly I don’t feel any loss of power in my truck. Maybe because the 2019 models are 400 pounds lighter.
  4. Yeah but that’s the 5.3 10 speed two different animals I have the 5.3 6 speed. As well the gear ratio is like 3.23 or something like that.
  5. Hey guys hoping y’all could give me some insight on the custom trail boss 5.3 6 speed 3.42 gears with it’s towing if anyone has this model and tows with it let me know how it felt to y’all. I’m going to tow my buddies jeep Cherokee to His home state which is about 700 miles. Will probably go through some hills and mountains in TN. Does the the power train struggle with towing because of the 32 inch durratracs?
  6. just out of curiosity for the MPG. I have a 2019 custom trail boss with the 5.3 6 speed and I maybe get low 16’s for city and 19-20 mpg on the highway. Even though it’s lifted with 32 inch durratracs I thought silverados got pretty good mpg. I’m coming from a ram I just curious how I’m getting about the same mpg from a hemi but my 5.3 has less HP and torque so I was thinking it would get better over time. So my question is why does the 5.3 get about the same mpg has other V8’s even though it has less HP and TQ?
  7. Yeah I took it today and the dealership said they couldn’t find anything wrong no codes were popping up and everything looked fine.
  8. Hey guys and gals I was hoping y’all could help me with something. I have a 2019 trail boss with the 5.3 6 speed and recently just got over 10,000 miles on it and now when I start the engine rpms Jump for a few Seconds but then it does go back down under 1,000 rpms and stays there like normal and it’s happen more often now. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  9. Thanks man I’ll def look into it. I just didn’t think the range would support it. I looked on the website and didn’t see the 2019 Silverado's
  10. Hey guys I know I’m in the wrong post for this. I have a 2019 custom trail boss with the AFM. Anyone know if the range AFM Disabler or any tuners can disable the AFM for the 2019 trail boss custom 5.3 6 speed? I looked at the pages and called tuners and no one can do it. Any suggestions?
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