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  1. Thanks man I’ll def look into it. I just didn’t think the range would support it. I looked on the website and didn’t see the 2019 Silverado's
  2. Hey guys I know I’m in the wrong post for this. I have a 2019 custom trail boss with the AFM. Anyone know if the range AFM Disabler or any tuners can disable the AFM for the 2019 trail boss custom 5.3 6 speed? I looked at the pages and called tuners and no one can do it. Any suggestions?
  3. I was hoping y’all could help me on my decision. I have a 2019 custom trail boss 5.3 with AFM 6 speed. I called the local dealership here and asked how my warranty would be effected if I disable the AFM. They told me “as long as that tune didn’t cause the damage of whatever i bring the truck in for all is well.” So they recommended me to a local tuner here in town which was surprising. I called him and he said to disable my AFM it would cost around 500. I do know about the range device but I don’t want to to deal with the battery issues it can cause if you mistakenly leave it plugged in. My other option is the hand held tuners such as a diablo. I have zero experience with them but I am going to put in a cold air intake and flow master 44 exhaust in the future. Would my best bet be the Diablo tuner to disable the AFM and use it to adjust my truck to my other mods or go with the professional tuner?
  4. Has anyone ever got a custom tune to delete the AFM on their truck? I contacted my dealership about it and they gave me a local tuners number. I understand that it could possibly void my warranty if deleting the AFM causes a problem. But has anyone deleted their AFM and had issues? As well what cost should I expect to see to have a tuner delete the AFM.
  5. I currently own a 2019 custom trail boss and I’ve heard and read some nasty info about the AFM system. I know about the device “range” to disable it but are any other reliable Devices available? I want something that won’t turn on the check engine light or cause any type of issues. I would really appreciate hearing from y’all experience.
  6. Yeah he was kinda odd and I didn’t think GM would make a something so weak that if you add like 50 HP the damn tranny would break. He was most def a ford lover not trying to be biased. I think all brands have pros and cons I’ve driven all the big 3. But he couldn’t stop talking about how ford makes the strongest Transmissions. I will say this though after driving the big 3 I feel like GM is my favorite so far.
  7. Hey guys and gals I was hoping y’all could answer a question of mine. I currently own a 2019 Silverado trail boss with the 5.3 and 6 speed transmission. A mechanic told me the transmission is a ticking time bomb if I do any performance mods. Such as a cam swap and tune. So I explained my plan for the future. Cold air intake, flow master exhaust, headers, tune and cam swap. He said if I do any of the big changes to the engine the tranny may go out. The reason why is because the stock transmission was only made to handle the stock HP and TQ. Have any of y’all had an issue like this after some big performance mods?
  8. I’m assuming the 5.3 has been very reliable for you and met all your needs?
  9. So for you guys that have been with GM for awhile what makes you pick the 5.3 over the 5.7 and 5.0? Just curious. Has the 5.3 been that reliable?
  10. I don’t plan on tuning it for awhile since they pretty much gave me the extended warranty for free. I just want to plan now and understand what I need to do to at least get up to the 400 range.
  11. Yeah man I just had the 2018 ram 1500 bighorn and the 5.7 was a beast but it was a quad cab so no good for my growing family. I was trying to buy another ram but A crew cab 4x4 bighorn was about 45,000 they wouldn’t budge either the lowest I got was 43,000. Chevy offered me the trail boss for 43,000 and I like to go off the pavement and the price was something I couldn’t turn down. Plus ram was only giving me 21,000 for the truck Chevy gave me 26,000
  12. Hey guys I’m new to the forum as well the brand. I recently just bought a 2019 custom trail boss which only offers the 5.3. I wanted the 6.2 but that came with only the higher trims. I’m familiar with the 5.7 hemi and I’m kinda down about the 355 horsepower/ 383 torque compared to my hemi that I traded. What can I do exactly to get more power to the engine?
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