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  1. I’m glad that worked out for you my next step is to do the knock sensors, plenum gasket, intake gaskets and the driver side valve cover hopefully that will bring it back to normal oil just started disappearing all at once haha!
  2. Yeah their a little wet but not enough for 2 quarts between changes
  3. I did notice my valley is pretty soaked and I’m sure it’s time for intake gaskets on mine any way the rear main seeps a little I Just changed the valve cover gaskets I noticed some residue in the pvc ports on the valve cover I almost wonder if mine is clogged a little bit and letting a little bypass the rings only thing is I never see any blue smoke out the exhaust
  4. Looking for a little input on my 2003 1500hd with the 6.0 vortec. Over the last 4000 miles I have added 2 quarts of oil to the truck. I use Valvoline 5w30 full synthetic I have replaced the pcv valve and it hasn’t helped any the truck has 171,000 miles on it. It used to only be down one hole on the stick between a 5000 mile change I noticed a few oil leaks but nothing major enough to where I should be putting a quart in it about every 2000 miles anyone ever have this issue?
  5. I have a diablo predator 2 programmer that recalculated mine I believe hyper tech has just a relcalibration box for a lot cheaper
  6. Just a little update. I finally got around to swapping my 3.73’s out for 4.10’s. It was definitely worth it I haven’t pulled anything yet but sure am looking forward to it!
  7. Sounds like a pretty good price for a high country with that low of miles
  8. As much as it sounds like you tow the 4.56 would help with mileage and ease of towing but it sounds like you could go the diesel route and be happier
  9. Looking For different wheel ideas I’m thinking of going with bullet holes I do want to stick with 16” wheels post pics of youins rigs
  10. Yeah mine does to I get about 10 around town 14.7 best on the highway and about 8 towing do you tow often?
  11. What are your rpms around 70 with the 4.56’s when I get my 6.0 6 speed combo I thought about putting them in with 33’s I thing that would be about perfect for towing
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