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  1. No problem! Only thing with that tru cool 40k cooler is I have to cover it in the winter time I did not get the optional bypass valve and my trans temp won’t go above 100* if it’s 45* and below, also that severe duty fan clutch is a good bit louder than factory but it doesn’t bother me if I can hear it that means it’s doing it’s job
  2. I would go ahead and swap the gears for the 4.10s (I’m fixing to in my 1500hd) it should bump you tow capacity up to around 13k and it would be a little less stress on the drivetrain to get the load up and going. Another thing You may want to consider is a upgraded transmission cooler I put a trucool 40k in mine and I have not seen over 170* no matter how hard I push the truck towing. I also put a Hayden severe duty fan clutch in my truck it stays at 200 coolant temp while it’s 95* outside no matter what I’m towing.
  3. I would like to have a 6.0 6speed combo about like yours next but it will be awhile before I pull the trigger on one I still enjoy this one every time I drive it and it is in pretty good condition for age and mileage. I take care of maintenance to a TEE so it’s got a lot of life left
  4. How do you like the 6 speed towing vs. the 4 speed since you have experience with both?
  5. Yeah I’ve had 3 trucks since 16 yrs old (20now) had a 06 f250 and a 06 dodge 2500 both were diesels the dodge kept costing me a lot of money so I traded it in nov of ‘17 for this gas 03 it had 145k on the clock it now has almost 163k and it has been rock solid! I’m in the process of swapping in a rear 4.10 geared axle out of a 02 2500hd and a front diff out of a 03 2500hd won’t make a big difference but enough for what I need.
  6. Great looking truck and trailer combo what year how many miles and how do you like the truck
  7. Here’s a picture of the heaviest load I’ve had behind my 03 1500hd 6.0 4l80e 3.73 gears trailer and skid steer were right at 13,400lbs truck is 6,400lbs with me in it
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