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  1. I have a diablo predator 2 programmer that recalculated mine I believe hyper tech has just a relcalibration box for a lot cheaper
  2. Just a little update. I finally got around to swapping my 3.73’s out for 4.10’s. It was definitely worth it I haven’t pulled anything yet but sure am looking forward to it!
  3. Sounds like a pretty good price for a high country with that low of miles
  4. As much as it sounds like you tow the 4.56 would help with mileage and ease of towing but it sounds like you could go the diesel route and be happier
  5. Looking For different wheel ideas I’m thinking of going with bullet holes I do want to stick with 16” wheels post pics of youins rigs
  6. Yeah mine does to I get about 10 around town 14.7 best on the highway and about 8 towing do you tow often?
  7. What are your rpms around 70 with the 4.56’s when I get my 6.0 6 speed combo I thought about putting them in with 33’s I thing that would be about perfect for towing
  8. Great looking rig I’ve had 2 diesels I miss them if I’m loaded heavy going through the mountains but at the end of the day my 6.0 gasser is a total reliable,simple,workhorse it gets the job done either way
  9. Transmission cooler will help greatly I have the trucool 40k in mine it’s 4 times the size of the factory cooler
  10. No problem! Only thing with that tru cool 40k cooler is I have to cover it in the winter time I did not get the optional bypass valve and my trans temp won’t go above 100* if it’s 45* and below, also that severe duty fan clutch is a good bit louder than factory but it doesn’t bother me if I can hear it that means it’s doing it’s job
  11. I would go ahead and swap the gears for the 4.10s (I’m fixing to in my 1500hd) it should bump you tow capacity up to around 13k and it would be a little less stress on the drivetrain to get the load up and going. Another thing You may want to consider is a upgraded transmission cooler I put a trucool 40k in mine and I have not seen over 170* no matter how hard I push the truck towing. I also put a Hayden severe duty fan clutch in my truck it stays at 200 coolant temp while it’s 95* outside no matter what I’m towing.
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