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  1. Two of the three parts are in. So more waiting on repair that most likely isn't going to work.
  2. Has been ~ one month since parts were ordered. So far no call from dealer so I'm calling today. In Georgia they get three repair attempts before there is a breach of warranty - but, I wonder if not being able to get in parts to make repairs impacts that requirement? If I have to go lemon law route then I am going to be asking for a buy back.
  3. Another week of jingling, parts ordered for a repair that most likely won't fix the issue. One month or longer wait for the parts ( additional delay by the strike...). Very annoying especially when i make the payment.
  4. Thanks. I need my truck updated and I have ~9k miles.
  5. I'll be waiting on the three repair attempts and that's all. After three failed attempts it's time for GM to buy the truck back via a lemon law claim - these things cost too much to put up with this nonsense.
  6. Picked my truck up on Tuesday as the parts to be replaced are on back order and will take at least 20 - 30 days to arrive at the dealer. The parts they intend to replace are as follows: 84428312 - Ring, 84428310 - Seal, and 84428295 - Slinger. No idea what a "Slinger" is.
  7. They went on strike - they can pay for COBRA...
  8. Get back to work...I need parts for jingling 2019 Silverado. But, I do agree that Barra isn't doing a good job as CEO.
  9. Dropped my truck off this morning. Shop Foreman said that Engineer gave them "some things to try" - he wouldn't elaborate about what those things were. Not much confidence they will actually get the truck fixed. So we'll see - if they do fix it I'll be happy. But if they don't have it fixed by the third attempt it will be time to get some legal assistance with lemon law claim.
  10. Three strikes and you are out...at least here in Georgia.
  11. Has anyone posting here actually had the issue corrected?
  12. Taking my truck in on Monday hopefully to be repaired. When I asked questions Service Mgr didn't have much info. Sunday will be making a list of other issues that need attention - like SD nav card not found error, trailer system issues, electrical connector for trailer wiring hookup very loose, won't charge phone when plugged in, brake wear indicator shows less than 30% remaining life on front brakes(~8,800 miles). I've owned quite a few Tahoes and Silverados and this truck has more issues than all of those combined.
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