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  1. I purchased a 2019 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 in April 2019. Since then, I have returned to my local Chevy dealer four times because my Apple I Phone XS has had many issues not connecting “correctly” with the Bluetooth/Infotainment system. Each time, a technician again synched the phone and car, but the same issue continues. The problem/issue: When I receive an incoming call, or text message, there is no “audible alert” whatsoever from the Bluetooth speakers. To receive any type of audible alert (text message), my phone has to have a hardwire connection via USB ports. Also, if I were to receive a call or text while in the car, the phone itself will not give an audible alert, almost as if it is trying to connect to the Bluetooth, or something is jamming the phones audible alert. I literally have to be looking directly at the phone, while driving, to know if someone is calling or sending me a message. Safe huh? My local Chevy dealers lead tech, and the service manager, have sat in my car to view the problem(s), and something interesting was learned. The lead tech paired his Android phone to my car, and everything worked perfectly, with all audible alerts being received for both incoming phone calls and incoming text messages. The lead tech instructed me to contact GM Connectivity to report the problem, so a “case” could be created and someone at GM would investigate the issue. The call was placed, and a “case” was created 08/27/2019. The service manager asked me to return, now for the fourth time, so he could review the issue. The service manager paired his Apple I Phone to my car, and wouldn’t you know-the service manager had the exact same problem and could not receive audible alerts. The service manger stated there was nothing more the dealer could do, and he felt this was an issue between GM’s Bluetooth/Infotainment system, and something within the Apple I Phone system, not connecting. I traded in a 2012 GMC Terrain SLE2 on the Colorado, and my current Apple I Phone XS paired, and worked, with the Bluetooth in that GM model. So, why would there be a problem with an Apple I Phone, that is less than one year old, connecting and working correctly, with a brand new GM/Chevrolet vehicle? Especially when all GM vehicles advertise that they are compatible with “both” Apple IOS and Android systems. GM vehicles are supposedly compatible, yet there is clearly an issue where there are not? When purchasing a $35,000.00 vehicle, with the assertion that everything worked correctly, and that it had the latest, and most up to date, technology that was offered, only to discover the technology does not work correctly, is it a wonder why people begin to question if this technology is as good as it is advertised to be. There appears to be some sort of flaw somewhere, either within GM’s Bluetooth/Infotainment system connectivity or the Apple IOS system connectivity...and receiving an answer, or a solution, appears to be nowhere in the near future. Has anyone else encountered this issue yet?
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