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  1. IAT-412086&IAT-81092 Ionic 41 Series Brite Running Boards | RealTruck
  2. You're underselling it by refusing to compare it to the Ford 2.7L ... I drove them both, in fact I test drove everything on the market, coming from an '03 Ram and no favorite going in. Needed to replace my daily driver and my truck with one vehicle instead of two because the kids are driving now, and I'm tired of playing driveway musical chairs in the winter. Really wanted to like the Fords, really really ... but both ecoboosts took forever to spool, steering was mush, and the cabin was cramped. Really wanted to like the 5.3L GM, but drove three different trucks with i
  3. they want to push you up into Denali ... or be at least SLT and heaven forbid if you want leather cooled seats in a bench configuration
  4. just bought mine on Monday and this thing is a blast ... quick steering, quick throttle response, and a beautiful engine noise ... plus, I'm not banging my knee against a stupid center console!
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