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  1. I use a hot water power washer no problems at all I never resort to using a garden hose unless I have a lot of mud underneath
  2. Do you pull trailers? that intensifies the condition and yes I know there's a trailer mode for that but only use it in hilly spots or when pulling very heavy loads
  3. The V4 mode is a joke , I can feel it shift back and forth and yes it does make a rumble type vibration , I keep it in manual as long as I can around town I am wanting to get a tuner to stop the v-4 mode
  4. Good question seems GM loves making little nooks and crannies for trinkets I never use mine for anything maybe a toothpick lol
  5. Why did it pop off ? those a hard enough to get off when you need them off doesn't make sense the light will eventually go out but I like the clear codes right aways to make sure that's the problem
  6. I could ask the same question , Ever heard of a trash bag ? who's the idiot now ?
  7. don't eat in the truck or go inside the fast food place to eat problem solved
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