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  1. Well at least they recognized it and took care of it, 2 1/2 hours is pretty quick compared to some dealerships, when I had a ford itd take a week just to reprogram something
  2. This is genius Im going to try this tonight, upside to working in a chemical plant theres hose clamps and sheet metal everywhere .......
  3. Thanks! Yeah I’ve gotten more conservative about my truck than I used to be the only changes I made to my superduty were larger tires and a brush guard
  4. Hey everyone this is just an intro, Just brought home a new 2019 Sierra AT4 Standard box in dark sky metallic after trading in my 17 F350, (yes I Crossed over) So yes I have always been a ford owner until now this is my first GM truck and so far Ive been very happy with the change I look forward to see everyones mods I used to be a pretty heavy mod guy in my old f-150 days .
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