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  1. I'm currently at the dealership and they told me if you're starting your truck from the OnStar app to stop because they need to update the trucks system to catch up with the technology of the app. I got the recalls taken care of right after Christmas so I knew it should not have been that. Same thing happened to me today because I was out of range and it was cold this morning. So just a heads up, they're still figuring out the technology on the T1s so refrain from starting your trucks from the app.
  2. Im wondering what 3rd party GPS trackers would be the best choice for a 19 Sierra SLT. Yes I do have OnStar, but I have a friend who's a auto theft detective and he says the first thing people do is deactivate the onstar. So does anyone have another tracker that they use and what were you looking for when you purchased your tracker?
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