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  1. in 2008-2009 they had a really nice interior upgrade, as well the motor and tranny changed giving a 6.2 motor which was much needed extra power. It didn't feel so sluggish, and actually was better on fuel then the 6.0 was. Here is from the launch back in 2008 quote
  2. So I read that article and I think it would be AWESOME if GM brought back the biggest gas guzzler they offered the HUMMER and made it the most efficient ? I mean, anyone else see the irony in this? Would be the first time in history for GM to have a sense of humour while stepping forward. Heck, i had a 2003 and then a 2008 both H2.. the 2008 was awesome and I actually still miss that SUV to this day! It had the interior upgrade that was much needed to get rid of that continuous creaking sounds that often sounded like something was going to crack under the pressure of you resting your arm lol. the extra gear in the tranny and the much needed extra power of the 6.2, too bad it didn't come with the 6.6 duramax option. Anyway, what do you guys think?
  3. Hey anyone in the Toronto area that has the OEM 20 inch rims and would want to sell them?
  4. That is the perfect look IMO... What 35's do you have on there ? Did you do any cutting ?
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