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  1. Definitely need some traction bars, found that out yesterday lol
  2. Before we start heading off in that direction, yes keyboard only because this is our only source of communication.. not trying to ‘act’ like a hardass by any means.. and it was name calling only because you said something idiotic so I called you an idiot. Your logic and comment that you made had no value. And you’re right nobody here knows you so stop saying idiotic shit or everyone is just going to take you for that... good night
  3. Lmmfao I like your style brother!! I still need to get it to my tuner. I have the t-map sensor on the back of the s/c and the harness tucked under the s/c right now and have the stock map plugged in so I can drive it and work out all the bugs. But If I goose the pedal a little bit the assend gets a little loose, I know it’s gonna be a monster for what it is. Sounds cool as shit driving around that whine is something I’m not used to. I’m a turbo guy. (Btw I sprayed all up in the bell housing and all with brake cleaner)
  4. That is exactly what needs to be done in this situation as well. I just had my rear main seal blow out about 1 quart at once yesterday lol but that was my fault. I put an lt4 supercharger on and I capped the valve cover ports and was depending completely on my pcv system to evacuate the pressure with a catch can in line. Like I said, I did a short pull yesterday and heard a slight poof noise and looked under my truck and instantly had a qt laying on the pavement. I took the caps off of the valve covers and the leak is almost stopped. I’m pretty certain I’m just gonna say **** it and replace it though. My buddy is a very reputable mechanic around my area and he seems to believe if I just hook the valve covers back to vacuum the rear main should seal itself back up by the way the seals are designed.
  5. You sir, are an idiot.. a catch can isn’t a performance mod anyone would expect costing you $1000ish in repairs. If you have no idea what you’re talking about leave the convo to the knowledgeable people. Trans going out because of a tune I understand yes, that’s your fault.. but having to remove a trans to replace a rear main seal? I don’t see that as being a ‘foreseeable’ issue.. so your logic needs to be lubricated and stuck up your ass.
  6. No there are adapter plates, if you use stock front accessories the plates are tall to get over the water pump. They have thin plates as well that are like $100 bucks but then you’d have to swap the whole front accessory drive and crank pulley. (THE LT4 SUPERCHARGER DOESNT JUST BOLT UP) the bolt pattern is different
  7. I need to make an intake for it, fill with coolant and I’m getting Matt Shue to tune it for me. But that’s it everything else is done... oh and tie the Bosch pump harness into the fuse box, simple stuff
  8. I know it’s not for everyone, some people like it some don’t.. I’m okay with that. Thank you man, your truck is nice as well brother
  9. That’s not a bad idea lol they’re 20x12 -51 offset now.. 20x14 -76? hmmmmmmm lmao
  10. I can take some turns with this guy though lol I don’t go off-roading and I don’t have a tiny dick so no need for a huge lift and huge tires
  11. Okay you all don’t like my wheels I get it lol I do, I built this for me not anyone else so opinions don’t mean shit to me
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