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  1. To update on the disposition of the repairs. The good news is the thumping seems to be less pronounced than before but still present. In park and drive at slow speeds it seems a tad bit less than previously. I used to hear the sound through around 4-5 gear that seems to have been corrected at least in the short drive from the dealer to my home. Going to put it to the test tomorrow and tow my 14,,500 pound 5th wheel almost 700 miles. I will update of any changes from my first impressions. I was really hoping this was the fix my service department said that a few with this issue had been corrected by the pump replacement but not in this case. The tech would did the work stated the the bottom end of the engine looked great no shavings in the oil, blue-ing of the rod caps etc.
  2. The pump came in last week. I placed the truck in the shop on Wednesday of that week . I thought it might have been complete on Monday-Tuesday this week but was informed it would now be Friday before I get it back,will update this thread after I get the truck back.
  3. I know my previous LMM oil pressure at normal operating temps would vary with RPM around 22 psi at idle to 44 psi at 2000 RPM. The factory gauge in the instrument panel didn't mimic my edge insight that was hooked into the OBD port there was always a considerable difference the same with the engine temps. I want to get a Banks I-dash in short order. It's nice knowing what the real figures are not to mention being able to monitor so many other parameters, and have the ability to clear codes as well.
  4. Update on my 3500 with the knock. I put 500 plus miles hoping the sound might vanish with the added miles but it didn't. Took it to my dealer for further evaluation and they told me today they were going to replace the oil pump, when the dealer first opened a case file with GM for the unknown noise they said the oil pump was a potential source. No ETA on the part coming MI will update the thread when the repairs are complete hopefully the pump is the culprit. Very happy that my dealer took this seriously and didn't try to say this was a normal sound.
  5. You can select the model and trim from the link I provided. The part number for the Westin running boards I used is 21-24130. This is a photo of the installed product assemble all bolts before final tight-ing as is good work practice.
  6. These are the steps I installed on my 3500HD. Got a deal on them from Autoanything. They look nice and are functional. https://www.westinautomotive.com/pro-traxx-4-oval-nerf-step-bars/2020/chevrolet/silverado-3500-hd
  7. I swapped out the factory Michelin tires for a set of Nitto Ridge Grapplers 295/70R/18 on the stock rims. The suspension is stock no rubbing thanks for all those who contributed and made the decision easier. Gained a bit of safety margin in the tires went from 3640 to 4080# . Feeling better backing the RV into a wet area with the ridge grapplers for sure.
  8. That may be so Kevin. But here's the point most are trying to get across I just retired my 12 year old 2500HD diesel that was causing me to do mechanic work I had no desire to do and spent nearly 60K on this truck and don't really feel as if I especially at my age have to crawl around my very sizable purchase and complete work that should be done on the assembly line on a custom ordered truck. It's not like this was an after thought mind you, I selected an option in the build and paid for it. There is no reason why the factory to use your words couldn't have completed the fairly easy portion of the work scope while it was on the line. It's just a matter of principle. Power the sucker up and make your customers happy, if you have safety concerns about the powered switches leave a fuse out simple.
  9. Just took deliver of my 2020 yesterday afternoon. Right when I started the truck I keyed in on this same thudding sound. It seemed to be present at idle and through the first 3 or 4 gears. My previous Duramax was an LMM and I am used to the ticking sounds but this didn't sound right. I mentioned it to my salesman and asked him if we could start another 2020 which we did and no thumping noise. Brought it to the service managers attention and had him listen to it he picked up on it as well but wanted his diesel tech who had already left for the day to hear it. Taking it back to service tomorrow will provide an update later. But here's a lesson learned from a previous Chevy purchase. 2002 1500 5.3 Liter. Obnoxious ticking noise from time of purchase let the dealership influence my opinion took delivery of the truck was hoping it would go away driving it some new motor and all. Never did subside took it to a dealership closer to home and the diagnosis was it was common to the engine group. Having some time to listen to other 5.3's absent the noise took it back to the dealership I purchased it from shop foreman came out listened to it said it was the same as previous service department it's common to that engine group. Stood my ground and made them take a detailed look into the condition. Low and behold they found a collapsed lifter, repaired it no more ticking sounded like the other quite 5.3's and I was finally a happy camper.
  10. Latest update on the switches. I picked my truck up last night later in the day so this is my first chance to post. The actual 5 aux switches are factory installed on the bolster to the left of the steering column that's the good news. Here's the bad news I had under my back seat another bag of loose parts the numbers are as follows' Part # 84497098 Instrument panel Aux block. Part # 84524205 Instrument panel power feed cable. Part # 84669070 F block kit fuses etc. And another unidentified as of yet part I believe is related to the snow plow prep most likely the roof beacon but have yet to confirm. This part number is 84623353 I also had the engine block heater and RV trailer TPMS sensors and the grill winter cover, missing my antenna go figure. So it look as if GM has left us with some assembly required not to thrilled about that to be honest. Going to have my remote start added at the dealer tomorrow going to complain some and see if they might make it functional for somewhat less then a fortune. It's becoming more difficult to stay brand loyal my buddy has a Ford Super Duty and his Aux switches are plug and play. The whole intent of ordering and option is to use it, not have to be double charged to make it truly functional. This is the link to the TSB on gm upfitter to complete the install. https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1314/UI Bulletin 153_wip.pdf
  11. I will attempt to get the truth about the matter. I was concerned myself as if the factory would install the switches. The dealer is most likely looking at the RPO codes for this upgrade which states that the parts will be shipped loose for dealership installation, hence my apprehension as to if they would do it during the build. But it seems like GM may have came through and installed them at least on the truck I ordered in August. Will update further tomorrow when I take delivery. I can say you learn more from a forum like this than the dealership in most cases. They really are lacking in product knowledge many times
  12. Just an update to this thread my 2020 showed up at the dealer yesterday and I asked my salesman about the switches they were installed on my truck as in the pictures Kevin posted will take delivery on tomorrow. I will confirm the info he provided but it seems if you order the upfitter switch's they should be installed at the factory.
  13. I have the upfitter switches included in my 3500 build should be taking delivery of it in the next few days if no one else posts I'll be sure to take a photo or two and send them to this thread.
  14. That's a full 35.12 dia. tire and your truck isn't an AT4 I take it no issues with rubbing forward or reverse at lock? That's a really nice wheel and tire package sets the truck off nicely as the colors blend well. Thanks for posting this makes me feel a bit more confident about the Nitto's I was considering mounting on my pickup.
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