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  1. I would...I'm willing to roll dice if they'll let it go at say $35k to $40
  2. Wow Thanks guys that's a truck bed filled with lemon and a limes. Wow Just imagine some unsuspecting buyer wont even know the extent of repairs that was done and the dealer probably wont disclose all of that just simply state its a buyback, not that it would have been me that why the F I came here.?
  3. yeah if the price was low enough and if the issues were resolved maybe an offer at $40k or $43 just kicking around the idea and ive always been a bottom feeder buyer like open box but yea i definitely understand that could be a major pain.
  4. Found a Sky Blue 2019 Sierra Denali on Autotrader. I called up the dealership to inquire about the truck was told it was a GM buyback and the original owner reported it doing random engine stalls. They are asking $50,595 said they'll go down to $49,995 it has about 7k miles and has ultimate package original MSRP was about $68k. Allegedly they have fixed it and has been unable to replicate the issue and is testing it out by putting about 500 additional miles also using i as a demo . my question is if that's a good price or around what price should i be looking at and is buying a buyback wise? Will it be covered if the problem persist. The title and carfax will be titled as a buyback salesman also said sometimes in his area people will use a tactic like a fault to get out of a vehicle because of the high monthly cost? not sure and it may not have anything wrong at all. let me kno guys and thanks in advanced
  5. yes for example there was 19 denali stickers at 70k my offer was at 56k they said they only could do 61k then like most delaershis wanted to get me into a lower model less option or down to a SLT
  6. when in came down to it they were not budging nothing more than Mfg incentives
  7. im trying to work a deal with furguson GMC in the CO Spings will post the details if a deal is made
  8. looks like theres no good ones for october
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