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  1. Just got my truck done with all new door speakers and one 10” sub all on a 5 channel amp. For the chime just set the gains to what your dsp outputs at and the chime is back to normal.
  2. After the calibration is done and the signal is flat does the deck eq now work or you have to eq in the unit?
  3. Yeah I’m probably going to do a 5 channel just haven’t decided which dsp would be best yet
  4. Has anyone done a non Bose system with a 5 channel amp to run doors and 1 subwoofer? How did you hook everything to the factory deck?
  5. Can anyone tell me how I can hook up a 5 channel amp to the door speakers with a single sub and keep the factory 8” screen. Is anyone making a way to bypass the factory eq for these models yet or has anyone done it?
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