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  1. Is it possible to put this on with my existing lift?
  2. Does anyone know if there is some sort of fender mod that can fit 38s if not 37s
  3. I am looking for a handheld tuner to tighten things up a bit and fix my speedometer but I’m not looking to break the bank. Any ideas that will help.
  4. What benefit come with disabling the v4 on a 6.2? Also how is this done?
  5. Thanks and the hood scoop was taken off a gmc black widow my whole build was going for the look of the black widow and the performance of the classic 1500. (And the bow tie is a side business)
  6. I have a six inch pro comp lift kit and I’m wondering if anyone on here has tried running a lift and a level to get extra clearance for bigger tires. link to lift:
  7. I am trying to put 37s on my 2014 6.2 v8 i have a 6 inch suspension lift how high do i need to go to clear and how can i get their. thx
  8. Is there any cheap fixes that anyone knows about that will help give the deep tone on the 6.2?
  9. So... Finishing up my Flowmaster super 40 series should I have my flapper open (will it give more sound) and if I should how would I go about keeping it open. Thanks
  10. Update: the cherrybomb came in and looked like it had got ran over so went ahead and sent that back then ordered the Flowmaster super 40 series.
  11. If you want to add something to the bow tie you can always pick up a vinyl sheet on amazon and do camo, American flag, etc... for like $20
  12. Ok one last problem... my current stock muffler is about 2 feet while my new muffler is only a foot long and a half an inch to small as my exhaust pipe is 3 inches and the muffler is 2 1/2 inches. Is there any way to get the extra foot a inner and do something to fit the muffler on snug without going to the muffler shop and getting a custom add on to the muffler? OR should I return the offset for a center / center with a 3 inch inlet and then take it for the foot addition that it needs to connect? Whichever would be cheapest but not sacrificing quality.
  13. I just bought the cherry bomb extreme and I’m looking for a good deep sound but I don’t want to harm my truck in any way. Sorry for probably obvious questions I am just starting to work on my truck myself. Thanks
  14. I have a 2014 6.2 v8 Silverado LTZ and I’m putting a new muffler on but after the muffler there is what seems to be a suppressor. Is this this going to effect the sound I get from my muffler if so can e legally remove it? Thank - Ty
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