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  1. I'm in the market to trade in my late father's Sierra HD 2500 Denali Ultimate for a new Yukon Denali Ultimate and was curious if anyone here has traded in their Sierra's lately and what the trade in value was. Any real world insight would be great,
  2. I had a similar problem on my 2020 Acadia Denali but with the front camera. I can sit there and watch it flash to black several times and a few times it'll stay black until I restart the car. Brought to the dealer once and they couldnt replicate it so I took a few videos and planning on bringing it again soon
  3. I had it happen on my Sierra, but it was after the dealer fixed the rear window leak. I didn't notice for a few weeks, but once I did I made an appointment with the dealer and once they checked it out they realized they forgot to plug it back in. Whoops?
  4. I haven't had this problem on my 2020 Sierra HD yet, but my 2020 Acadia Denali had this problem a few weeks ago out of the blue. I'd pull in the driveway, kill the engine and the radio would stay on. Around the same time, I noticed a software update was available but I decided not to do it at the time. Once I finally did it a few days later and completed the update, the radio turned off like normal whenever I turned the engine off and opened the door.
  5. 2020 Denali HD here, Bought in October of '19. Didn't see a leak for the whole first year, I typically parked flat, or with the nose going uphill. For a few weeks I had my trailer attached to the truck and had the truck facing downhill and didn't drive it...when I finally got back in and loaded the cab up, I noticed all the under-seat storage was wet. I happened to get a phone call from my salesman for the 1yr anniversary the day or two later and I mentioned the problem. He said it wasn't officially recalled, and customers weren't notified, but they knew about the leaks on the trucks and GM covered it when the customers brought them in for service. I brought it in about a week later to get it resealed and haven't noticed the issue in the past 3 months.
  6. I have the same issue fairly often with my Denali Duramax. Quickly changing to another and back does it for me as well. Not sure why this is going on
  7. I've had this happen 4-5 times since having my 2020 Denali HD. I think I've narrowed it down to it only happening when I remote start. I drive between NY and GA so for these long trips it could be hours before I pull over to just turn truck on or off again. This happened before and after the December 2019 software update, I don't think I've been prompted for a new update since. Really annoying bug. I recently got a 2020 Acadia Denali with the same infotainment and so far don't see this issue yet.
  8. I got my Retrax Pro MX today, ordered from Amazon for just under $1600. Installation took some time and troubleshooting getting the rails lined up and the driver side rail needed a slight notch put into it to clear the assist bar. I called Retrax and they said a few customers have had the same problem and some have not, and they encouraged me to make a notch in the rail and assured it would not void warranty.
  9. I had a Roll N Lock A Series (Apparently owned by Lund now) for my 2016 Sierra HD and loved the idea of a retractable cover but wasnt crazy about the design and fit/finish. I'm really considering getting the Retrax Pro for the 2020. I would love power model but cant justify the extra price right now for not much benefit for me personally. Amazon surprisingly has both power/non power for a pretty good price and I'm hoping to pull the trigger this week on one of them.
  10. Sorry to bump, but I think I have it figured out for me. . My '16 Sierra and my '18 Terrain do the same thing and it drove me crazy. There's an option on the phone that helped me. Go into settings>sounds. Uncheck the box that says "Change with buttons" This will stop the car from changing the notification/ringer volume and still allow it to change media volume.
  11. It's strange, the day I picked up my 2020 Duramax I noticed a loud knocking while it was running when I was parked in a parking lot. It was loud enough to hear in the cabin with the radio on. Drove it a few miles and it went away. I put another 150 miles on it and it hasn't come back.
  12. I just picked up a 2020 Denali HD with the multipro and was a concern for us as well since we typically left a hitch in the receiver for our previous '16 Sierra HD. It seems super difficult to activate the multipro by accident, and since you'd be standing behind the truck you'd notice if the hitch was in, and should aid as a reminder not to open it further. I also want to get into the mindset to pull the hitch out when not using as well, this truck is a little longer than previous generations which already was super long for normal parking spots around town.
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