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  1. I got the adapter buddy was talking about earlier in this thread. It works flawlessly. Problem solved.
  2. bedslide is junk, i have one in my gargage you can have. squamish bc. come get it.
  3. Hey there i am having an issue with my brand new 2020, I installed my new snowmobile deck and connected it through the camper connectors built into the bed using the 4 pin connector and i have tried a 7 pin adapter too. The LED lights on my snowmobile deck turn off and the DIC says trailer disconnected when i press the brake and or use my turn signal. Functionality is restored once i remove my foot from brake or turn my signal off. I need to be towing a real trailer 14000lb and i cant now with my new shiny truck. Frustrating to say the least. I traded in my 2012 and it handled the snowmobile deck just fine with full functionality 2 days ago. PLEASE HELP.
  4. I'm in the same situation. New marlon deck connected in bed via 4 pin. When I apply brakes or turn signal it disconnects to truck then works fine when I dont touch brakes or turn signal.
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