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  1. I also just bought a 2015 Denali with stock (20in rims for the Denali) and have been looking all morning for the thread that HAS TO exist, but I cannot find. Planning on putting the RC 2" leveling kit (https://www.roughcountry.com/gmc-leveling-lift-kit-1311.html?find=2015-gmc-sierra-1500-4wd-374093) on her and would llike to upsize the tires a little if possible. Anyone have a link to the appropriate thread, or an answer?
  2. Here I go bringing old threads back to life again! Initially was upset my '15 Sierra Denali didn't seem to turn the seated heats on with remote start and even called the dealership. I was SURE they were feeding me a line of bull when they said the lights won't come on and I have to manually turn them on after I turn the key. I'm feeling a lot more at ease after reading this thread, but still need to test as others have stated here. Today, after work, I will remote start and sit in the truck for a while to see if I can feel them before turning the key.
  3. Sorry for digging up old news (I've been creepin' as a new sierra owner), but did you end up with the 2.5s? Care to post an after photo? I have the 2015 white crew and would love to see how yours ended up looking!
  4. Can't beat that price! I may even be able to get one of my current wireless chargers to work on it as they appear to share the same ball style mount, but not 100% sure about that so I'll just spend the big bucks and get the one that will give me wireless charging capabilities
  5. This is by far my favorite option for my "new" 2015 Sierra. No Android car play or whatever you call it, so I need some sort of mount for nav. I tried a vent mount but the vertical vents leave it too wiggly. The Proclip stuff looks like it is sure to damage the dash over time, or too futsy to retrofit something with wireles charging to it. I will try one of these suction cup mounts, and if the joints are loose I'll put a drop of superglue in each once I find the positiopn I like. Buying the highest rated one on amazon at the moment with wireless charging: https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Charger-Dashboard-Windshield-Compatible/dp/B07ZJ5WDPG/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=wireless+car+mount+suction&qid=1573610931&sr=8-5 I do wish I could figure out something to mount it higher (like where the dash mounted proclip goes) without having cords running all over or mounting to the windshield. If I could find a cheap replacement dash, I'd buy it, throw it in the garage and drill away on the one in the truck to get it perfect.
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