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  1. Transmission or engine or computer? 2010 GMC 4.8L SL. 56,000 kms. Recently rebuilt transmission, torque convertor came loose so the shop said they rebuilt the transmission. So, warm or not, if i lightly press the gas pedal and the rpm's rise above 1300 or so.. if I take my foot off the gas, it goes down to 1300 for about two to three seconds until it drops down to idle..below 1000. This normal behaviour for these trucks? Also, during low rpms, of you let off the gas so to take a corner, then give it gas again, the transmission kind of clunks into the next higher gear, usually seems between lower gears. Like theres "play" or "slip" in the transmission.
  2. Thanks everyone. Not saying anyone's wrong, but what's the definitive way to know if this truck does/doesn't have AFM. I can say that with the little time I've had to drive this truck, it seems that maybe the way people describe how it works that maybe this truck may have it. I thought V8, nice. Now I'm not...it's not as powerful or act like a full V8 I would think.
  3. Uhm....on my brake reservoir, I have a sticker with a barcode that says AFM. Does that mean I DO have it?
  4. Has the 4l60e transmission, so yes, four forward and one reverse. A regular OBDII reader isn't as good as the tech-2? I will look into the corvette servo mod. Also wondering how I can get the exhaust a little more throaty with this V8!!
  5. Thank you guys alot! I was about to spend the money on the disabler! Although, it almost seems like it has it... Acceleration isn't what I would like, with thinking "V8". I've had pretty much the whole dash apart already to run power for the amp I'm going to install and the RCA and amp turn on wire. I shouldn't run into passlock or any other issues with OnStar if I install an aftermarket stereo? I understand that I will lose probably the turn signal chime and key and n ignition warning.
  6. I should add that it has the 4.8L engine. Before I bought her, a bearing slipped out near the torque converter and the tranny has been rebuilt.
  7. I just purchased a 2010 Sierra crewcab. New to the GM family. What common issues should I be worrying or concerned with with this year truck? Thanks for the input
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