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  1. Well I hoped it wouldn't take a month but it did. Just got my truck back today with a new rear window covered under warranty. My window shattered last Nov. 30th due to rear window defog malfunction. I got into the dealership on Dec 2nd and it took a month for GM to investigate. I hope the Canadian recall gets extended to the US soon.
  2. 2018 Silverado 1500 double cab LTZ rear passenger window exploded. 36 deg outside and started truck to drive home. Did not remote start. Wife heard hissing sound like radio static from the passenger rear seat area. Drove about 200 yards and stopped to investigate. Started smelling something like hot electrical then saw smoke. Turned truck off and about 20 seconds later the window exploded. That was Saturday evening Nov 30th. Monday morning I took it to my dealership and they had not seen anything like this before but contacted GM and got the ball rolling. GM customer service rep called me this morning and asked many questions as to what happened. I have a loaner vehicle approved for up to a month. Hope it doesn't take that long. Sounds like it happens quite often by just what's been posted here. Wonder what its going to take to get that Canadian recall extended to the US.
  3. I have a 2018 Silverado LTZ and last night leaving my sisters house my wife heard a hissing sound from the rear seat area. I stopped and listened, turned off the vehicle. Noise stopped. Restarted and noise resumed. Turned around in a driveway and hissing sound changed to a crackling noise smelled burning. Got back to my sisters driveway and looked around the back seat area to see where it was coming from. Started seeing smoke and turned vehicle off again. Shortly after that the right rear window panel shattered. I've never used this system but looked at my vehicle settings and found that it comes on automatically when vehicle is started. I went to my dealership this morning (Saturday) and they said to bring it back on Monday to get the service manager involved. I called GM this morning at the number above and registered my complaint and have a case number. Like many others that have posted here I have no use for rear window defroster but would like to get my rear window replaced.
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