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  1. It needs to be calibrated as a remote for your truck. Maybe the instructions for adding a new fob work for the keypad too.
  2. They are GM part #84332438, so I just found the cheapest gmparts website of the day.
  3. Got mine done for around the same price. Part of the deal was that he did it with 1-day turnaround.
  4. Mine were done for $540 in Plano, TX, if you happen to be nearby.
  5. Black Lugs: 84332438 Wheel Caps: 84388431 The lug nuts seemed solid, but no telling what a bouncing rock on the highway will do.
  6. Got my OEM 18” wheels powder coated and added GM black lug nuts and center caps. Also added black AT4 emblems and exhaust tips.
  7. Anyone have a part number for black wheel cap and lugs that fit the 2019 AT4 18” wheels?
  8. The carbon pro black exhaust tips fit not carbon pro AT4 bumpers, correct?
  9. Thank you. Have any rec’s on an adequate dsp? My sub is a Rockford Fosgate p300-10” (300 watts).
  10. I have a powered sub I’d like to add to my at4 with bose system. Do I just need a harness to plug into the bose amp? Would I also need a lc2i?
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