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  1. Yeah my bad guys, I didn’t realize it ended up on the 2019 forum. I do appreciate that answer though so thanks man!
  2. Sounds good, yeah I’ve been reading tons of articles and i guess it’s the offsets that confuse me the most on if it makes it rub or not. Some people kept saying having a 2.5 level with those tires would cause rubbing on the UCA so I was hoping the +18 offset would fix that
  3. I want to get nitto grapplers 275/60/20 with +18 offset wheels for my 18. I’m running a 2.5 RC level with 2inch rear block I believe. I saw someone post on customoffsets they had no rub,trim or spacers running the same tire and wheel size. Only difference was they used procomp while I have RC. Should my truck be able to clear that too with no rubbing?
  4. My Silverado is an 18 and i was looking at getting a 20x9 with +18 offset for some nitto ridge grapplers 275/60/20.....anyone know if that will rub on a 2.5 inch level?
  5. I’ve been reading and looks like I’ll have rubbing issues adding a 275/65r20 to my 2018 rwd Silverado that has a 2.5 RC level?
  6. Hi everyone! I don’t post a lot but have an important question? I see a lot of ppl saying 275/60r20 works fine with a stock a suspension (no rubbing). I have an 18 with a 2.5 level and just ordered some BFG kos 275/65/20.....answers seem to vary but should I expect an type of rubbing? Wheels are stock atm.
  7. Hey guys, I’m suddenly pressed to get new tires a lot earlier than i was hoping. I’ve been looking for a while now and likely going with the BFG KOs or nitto grapplers. My truck has a leveling kit 2.5 rough country and it’s a 4x2. Tires are stock atm 275/55/20. From the looks of it 275/65/20 seems like a safe fit but not much bigger and I’m wanting fuel vapor wheels with a mild offset. I want to avoid all rubbing/trimming possible. Any recommendations or bigger tires I can get? Height with a mild offset is more ideal
  8. Thanks man! It definitely helped a ton!!
  9. Yeah! I was looking for something all terrain that’s higher and more aggressive looking. Ideally I’d want to close the gap as much as possible. I just don’t know what would be the max without causing and rub. 2wd
  10. Hi guys, I’m new to these forums so if I do anything wrong let me know! I have a custom 2018 Silverado crew can. I’ve had a rough country 2.5 leveling kit installed and was wondering what my max tire size would be now. I believe at the moment I have 285/45/20. I would like to offset it a little so it comes out a little past the fenders but just barely. Anything else I should know as well before?? (I don’t want any trimming or rubbing)
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