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  1. That moment when someone with a 2500 toes a gooseneck with 2 cars and looks better doing it than your truck is a huge fail el oh el
  2. Good thing it’s not your truck right? And if you need to drive any different with 14 wides you should rethink your life and get your license revoked
  3. A 15.5 wouldn’t fit on a 3.5 level and wouldn’t be able to to turn on them. Not sure if you ever seen gm square fenders ?
  4. Hey guys, this is a question that I know is going to get a lot of people riled up because of the nature of it and how it’s not a “truck” thing to have. But my question is can you tow on stretched street tires? I have a 305/40 on a 22x14 and wanted to know if I could tow with it safely and wouldn’t have any problems? I know the factory set are 285/55 Goodyear street tires as well and don’t see why it would be a problem? But does anyone have better knowledge and can explain to me if this safe or stupid to do? Thanks guys.
  5. How much did that cost if you don’t mind me asking? To replace the rack. Yeah I’ve seen some bad angles but as to the rack I don’t think they touched it. My truck is 2wd so I don’t have a front diff hence I didn’t need the diff drops. All that’s as installed were the struts and upper control arms to my knowledge.
  6. This is what my current tie rods angles are. They aren’t too bad imo. I have upper control arms for this 3.5lift so those angles are good I would think.
  7. I have not gotten an alignment yet. Would that help and be a significant difference? I know I need one but I have this weird pop noise when I turn so I was waiting to replace my tie rods to see if they are the ones making that noise and aligning them and replacing after would be a waste of money so I just wanted to wait for now. Would something get ruined if I didn’t get an alignment right away?
  8. Hi thanks for the reply. I don’t know what you mean about changing it in the computer? How can I go about doing that? And what issue would that help me fix? Thank you
  9. Hello everyone I recently just installed a 3.5inch lift on my truck and ever since than my steering rack has been making some funny noises. Maybe it’s just me being paranoid but when I turn left and right it makes noises such as like I can hear the rack moving. It’s hard to explain the noise exactly. It’s not a strain or clunk or pop or anything it’s just like the rack sounds like it’s working harder than it was before. I can’t remember if before the lift and wheel it made this noise or if it makes it for anyone else. Also with the new wheels (22x14 on 305) my transmissions seems to kick a lot more and has more trouble finding the gears when I’m slowing down and also when speed up. Any help would be great thanks
  10. I will get some pics but I can do a u turn on a 3 lane road which isn’t too bad for being on 14s. And I’m on street tires not 33s or mts/ats
  11. No sir nothing has been cut on my wheel wheels. I haven’t modified anything to fit them. They fit pretty good for being only a 3.5inch “lift”
  12. The strut? What do you mean by cut? They didn’t cut anything it was a bolt on kit they just replaced the old strut with a new one as far as km aware?
  13. Hey guys, I just got my truck leveled or lifted whichever you want to call it. I went with the rough country 3.5inch lifted struts and their upper control arms. I have 2wd so I don’t need any diff drops because I don’t have a front diff. Anyhow after I got everything installed with wheels as well (22x14) I started to hear this clunk/pop sound when I would turn the wheel. Sometimes it does it when I turn right or left. Sometimes it does it when I’m almost at full lock or just a slight turn of the wheel. I had the guys check it out and they said it was worn endlinks so I replaced those but now it still makes the noise. Any suggestions what it could be? It was not making this noise before the lift. They said it is normal to hear noises when lifting a truck because it’s not longer fully “stock” and won’t be again. But I don’t believe that. Am I worried about the sound or should I just not let it bother me? Any suggestions on what it could be would be great thanks!
  14. Thanks for the detailed response and help. Yeah I wouldn’t put 4x4 emblems that just weird... in my opinion lol. 2wd suits me just fine I don’t “off-road” it but just want to lift it because it sitting higher with bigger wheels and tires is appealing to me. And yeah having a 2wd is cheaper to maintenance and lifts are a littler cheaper and less problems in the long run.
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