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  1. Thanks for the detailed response and help. Yeah I wouldn’t put 4x4 emblems that just weird... in my opinion lol. 2wd suits me just fine I don’t “off-road” it but just want to lift it because it sitting higher with bigger wheels and tires is appealing to me. And yeah having a 2wd is cheaper to maintenance and lifts are a littler cheaper and less problems in the long run.
  2. But what would be embarrassing about it? The fact that it’s lifted but can’t off-road as much as a 4x4? With that being said it’s possible to off-road with a 2wd. You just have to take it easy and less aggressive than a 4x4 for obvious reasons. But what would be more embarrassing a 2wd truck that “offroads” for fun from time to time or a 4x4 that has never even seen grass?
  3. This is for sure one bada$$ build. I love it man, is it a 5.3 or 6.2?
  4. It’s mainly just for looks honestly. Especially with our square fenders it’s hard to fit 14s on a level without some serious metal trimming in order to be able to turn fully unlike fords.
  5. For sure I’ve seen some nice prerunner builds. And correct me if I’m wrong but I think most if not all prerunners are 2wd.
  6. Hey guys, i know this topic has probably been covered over and over again and there is a lot of controversy over this topic. Is it okay to lift a 2wd truck? I just got my first truck and want to lift it but some people say its pointless on a 2wd. I was all for it until people started commenting on it and now it got me to thinking. Should i lift my 2wd truck or sell it and buy a 4wd? Also drop your cool truck pics if your a 2wd and lifted for some inspiration thanks guys
  7. No I’ve looked into it but wasn’t sure if it would solve the problem. Would that help with the motor overall?
  8. No I haven’t not yet I should do that to see if they have flooded with oil.
  9. Thanks for the help. I went and got it checked out and everything still seems to check out. The negative and positive and is good and battery amps are fine and so is the alternator. Maybe the battery is bad and it’s reading wrong could that be a possibility? Or maybe something in the truck is pulling a lot of power like the gauge cluster or something like that?
  10. Hey guys. So just background before I get into what’s wrong with my truck. Couple months ago I bought it and the truck turned off While driving at low speeds and stabilitrak came on and headlights blinked at night. Took it to the dealer and they said they “changed” out the battery but honestly it look used and the same to me. Whatever they did it fixed the issue and the truck has been fine since then. Fast forward now and the truck is turning off while I back up into a parking spot or pull in. Traction control comes on and the steering gets super tight. Every single time I turn the truck off it completely dies and I have to jump start it. Now I thought 100% battery is shot. I took it to advancedautoparts to get it checked out and they said the battery is good voltage is all good everything checks out. They also checked the Alternator and it checks out as well. Anyone have ideas what it could be? Also every time I jump start the truck a message appears saying “open and close driver window”.
  11. Yeah but it’s kind of silly for me to put a new engine in a truck I haven’t even had for 60 days. The stealership I got it from refuses to give me my money back so now I guess I’m stuck with a broken truck that they scammed and sold to me. None of this happened on the test drive that I did before anyone jumps to conclusions. All the problems occurred literally right after I bought it.
  12. So just a little update. I took it to the dealer a couple of weeks ago and they checked the coolant pressure and said nothing was wrong. Checked oil levels and they were fine. Fast forward to now and the truck is still smoking a lot more than before. Now it does it while I drive and doesn’t stop and when I idle it keeps smoking. I have no leaks and no oil or coolant or anything on the ground. I have checked my oil after leaving the truck over night and the level of oil has dropped and is below minimum now. I have no idea what to do any help would be much appreciated.
  13. Okay thanks for the help. The truck has 93,000 miles on it. Should I get the thermostat looked at to see if that’s a problem while I’m at the dealer or just leave it alone?
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