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  1. I can tell you the Eibachs do make a huge improvement. The big issue I experienced was after going over one of those heaves in the road the front end would bounce three times before finally settling. If it's just one heave it's not a huge deal. The problem for me arose when there were two heaves in the road and the suspension didn't have time to settle from the first before hitting the second. The specific case for me, these two heaves happened to appear in the midst of a gentle corner. On the stock shocks I darn near lost control. With the Eibachs I can drive over that same set of humps at speed and it just cruises right over with just a single bounce.
  2. I went with these There is no valving adjustment, the fronts are ride height adjustable via a circlip that you can move between four different positions. Bottom position is stock ride height, top is 2.5" lift with your stock springs. I went with the second from top position and netted 1.75" lift.
  3. Eibach Pro-Truck Sport shocks will cure the issue. My 2019 Z71 had the exact problems as described. I installed the Eibachs, reusing my stock front springs, and am 100% completely satisfied.
  4. I have a 2019 Silverado Z71 and can relate to your issue with the stock bouncy ride. Mine was to the point of being downright dangerous when I hit consecutive large roadway heaves at 70 mph. I installed all four Eibachs with the stock springs in front and am completely satisfied. The OEM front shocks would bounce three times after encountering a large heave, hitting the second one while it was still in the process of settling from the first caused a wild bounce. After installing the Eibachs I've hit those same heaves at the same speed and it just cruises right over with no issues. The OEM ride quality is extremely isolated, the Eibachs do make it so you feel more of the road surface but it's by no means objectionable. I have my fronts set on the second ring from top, just as you're contemplating. With the stock springs I netted right at 1.75" lift, which is at the top of their estimation. The ground to fender measurements on mine ended up being exactly even front to rear after installation. Visually, from some angles mine appeared to be slightly nose-high, some kind of an optical illusion. I prefer to have just a bit of rake so I added some 1.5" blocks to the rear.
  5. I swapped the OEM springs. Set on the third ring I netted right at 1.75" lift and it made my measurements front to rear exactly level. 2019 CC Z71. These shocks completely eliminated the hobby horse bouncy ride that the OEM Ranchos had. They do make smaller road irregularities that the OEM shocks just soaked up more apparent but it's by no means objectionable. The OEM shocks were downright dangerous if I hit successive large bumps at highway speed.
  6. Eibach Pro-Truck Sport ride height adjustable - $480 for all four Installed myself but did take the struts to Midas to have them swap the springs - $100
  7. I used my stock springs. I'm not sure if they have the Eibach springs out now but they weren't available at the time.
  8. Yes, mine was actually 1.75" higher in the rear, and as I said it now sits exactly level. It's interesting because my son thinks it's just a little bit nose-high but measurements show it to be even. Optical illusion I guess, but I am thinking about putting a one inch block on the rear just to restore a slight bit of rake.
  9. First time poster here, been lurking for awhile. I bought a 2019 LT Z71 a few months ago and absolutely hated the pogo stick bouncy ride whenever I'd hit consecutive large bumps at highway speed. I bit the bullet and installed the Eibach RHA shocks a few weeks ago. I set the adjusting clip on the third step from the bottom, which according to their documentation is supposed to give 1.2 to 1.7 inch lift. Mine netted out at the high end of that scale, resulting in my measurements on the fenderwells being exactly even. As far as the ride goes, it definitely stiffened it up. It took care of that bouncy ride motion but now I feel smaller irregularities more than before. It's not at all objectionable to me but it is a change. The stock shocks were extremely plush and the truck floated like a 70s large luxury car, which was nice some of the time but downright dangerous whenever encountering those large consecutive bumps. Where before a large bump would have the suspension moving up and down three times before settling, it now only moves once. Much more controllable and safer feeling.
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