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  1. I installed everything and still have not used them for anything as of yet. All on constant power for now. Worst case, you should be able to bring it back to the dealer as it is an OEM option/accessory.
  2. I'm still waiting for a nice looking stainless Brush guard, Like both of yours! Be careful of the engine shutdown timeout if you have the push button start. (maybe the key too)
  3. Very well. I only use it for the alternating headlights and taillights while the vehicle in motion and they are killed in park.
  4. My Sierra Emergency upfit. Whelen Liberty II DUO, Surface max, T ION DUO, ION in tailgate, Sapphire control, Speed Turtle flasher, Kenwood radio. Highway Products rack with Whelen T/A.
  5. I use mine for emergency service, (Fire Dept.) While at a 2 hour vehicle crash, in neutral with park brake applied, I watched it running with emergency lights activated from the scene. When I returned to leave, it was still running and the doors were locked. Key fob was in the cup holder leaving me locked out! I too am looking for a fix. I would like to add the high idle feature if possible. I now have Onstar with the phone App just in case. There is more on this in the 1500 forum.
  6. Really like it, simple install. I got mine on EBAY from a GM dealer seller for around $300 for the 700 front/ rear.
  7. Also missing the visor mirror lights, my wife is not happy with my $ 62,000 SLE..... And no LED brake lights or front turn signals at this level? There are cheap compacts on the road with nicer options.
  8. No backseat removal. I have emergency lighting controller and equipment I am mounting inside the factory storage cross box.
  9. Anyone looking to send accessories wiring into the cab, there is a neat option using a soft plug in the back seat floor near the sill. Once you remove the plug, reinstall a closed back trailer light grommet in the hole. You now have reduced the large hole down to whatever you need, and can fill the well with sealer when your done. Remove the sill plastic trim, lift the carpet, slide a 2x4 in to hold it up and use a window razor scraper on a handle to cut the sealer and pry out with a flat blade. This is close to the wire chase that will allow to fish wire to the front towards the upfitter switch etc.
  10. Great for washing and detailing too! Easy access to my bed cross-box where I keep my towing gear. Never keep my receiver hitch in when not in use, however there is great aftermarket options coming out.
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