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  1. and stainless. Good for cameras and brake light. Very nice! 
  2. When you click on it, link shows pictures and original post.
  3. Agreed, They are great! I am in NY, so winter salt and brine. I have used the stainless Westin for 5 years and a few chrome plated GoRhino s in my fleet with no rust or corrosion issues.
  4. Thank you! Been searching for a GMC pic for awhile, many Silverado's out there. I have the SLE without a front camera, just sensors so maybe it will be just the notification. I would like to see the stainless Westin installed.
  5. Josh, Interested in your brush guard. What is the brand and how does it react to the bumper sensors?
  6. I installed everything and still have not used them for anything as of yet. All on constant power for now. Worst case, you should be able to bring it back to the dealer as it is an OEM option/accessory.
  7. I'm still waiting for a nice looking stainless Brush guard, Like both of yours! Be careful of the engine shutdown timeout if you have the push button start. (maybe the key too)
  8. Very well. I only use it for the alternating headlights and taillights while the vehicle in motion and they are killed in park.
  9. My Sierra Emergency upfit. Whelen Liberty II DUO, Surface max, T ION DUO, ION in tailgate, Sapphire control, Speed Turtle flasher, Kenwood radio. Highway Products rack with Whelen T/A.
  10. I use mine for emergency service, (Fire Dept.) While at a 2 hour vehicle crash, in neutral with park brake applied, I watched it running with emergency lights activated from the scene. When I returned to leave, it was still running and the doors were locked. Key fob was in the cup holder leaving me locked out! I too am looking for a fix. I would like to add the high idle feature if possible. I now have Onstar with the phone App just in case. There is more on this in the 1500 forum.
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