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  1. That is interesting. Did Carvana just think it was a Silverado? Mine comes up with codes when scanning the OBD-II port that would give some pause to a dealer. This gives me more pause in how long I should attempt to keep the truck I suppose, but I would really like to wait until other (affordable) options are available. As mentioned previously I like the idea of the Lightning, though the low production numbers will make them hard to get a hold of.
  2. What did the the 5kwh battery module replacement entail? Was labor involved? Shipping the main pack? Did they have old stock on hand, or did they repair your module?
  3. It sucks that you have had a hard time with your truck. I bought mine 2 years ago now and knew I was potentially getting into a mess, especially since mine had codes and warning lights when purchased. Two years and 25k miles though with no major problems yet. The vehicle definitely has its quirks, but considering the price ($17k) I feel pretty good. I like the idea of the truck, and there is still nothing out there like it, though the new Ford Lightning with the export power potential is enticing. This is a treasure trove of information though, so thanks for sharing.
  4. You can get a hidden brake controller for a similar price to keep a cleaner look. Look at the Reese Compact IQ. I installed mine and the only visible portion is the knob and an LED. Mounted the controller on the accelerator pedal mount.
  5. Just got to my first 1000 miles in my Silverado after getting it home. Rather unique, so thought it may get attention.
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