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  1. I understand now what you mean with the two motors. Makes sense. If a guy could fit a transmission in there somehow, it would do wonders for the trucks acceleration and top speed. Both leave a lot to be desired. If this thing can last me a few more years until I can afford a newer EV, I'll be happy. Slim
  2. I only paid 20k for this truck. Another 3k was a risk I accepted when I purchased it. I routinely get 75-120mpg in the summer with this and about 35-45mpg in the dead of winter here in MN. I love this truck. Cost to repair is a relative thing. A new engine replacement on this truck (ICE truck) is $6700 as my co- worker just found out. A new transmission for a manual Toyota Scion is $6100. ****** on new cars is not cheap when you have to pay others to do it. Converting this into a standard ICE truck would be a fools errand. The time alone to do so would make purchasing a standard truck worth it. Let alone parts, especially a 6.2L and the emissions equipment. There's only one electric motor in the truck, not two. The generator, the motor, then the gearbox(?). I'm sure someone would want the equipment, but again, the time to remove it and store it until it sold hardly seems worth it. I'm happy to have created one spot where people can find information on these things to tackle issues themselves. I'll be investing in some more appropriate tools (lift and battery lift table) for future repairs. Thanks for all the research you've done and shared as well!!? Slim
  3. Here's a link to the battery removal procedure: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1XXZV49iR-8I96M1XYJ9f6kRRpwb7QzyG/edit?usp=drivesdk&ouid=115164390539392329881&rtpof=true&sd=true Getting the right to repair this was more work than I anticipated. Via Motors even had the dealership sign a liability release form before providing the procedure. The dealer's tech had no problem with the repair. There was moisture in the battery pack with is common in a high moisture climates. It probably doesn't help that I love puddle jumping during the winter thaw here in MN, so I'll have to dial that back. Via suggested to clean the o-ring and it's groove. There was corrosion on the top of the battery hold down plates, but nothing to worry about on the batteries themselves. Because there's no book time available for my truck, the dealership had to charge straight time of $175 for the 1st hour, then $230 after that. My buddy is a service writer there and only charged me $175/hr for the entire repair. They also only charged me 11 out of the 14 hours it really took. Total bill at the dealer was just shy of $2k. Add the parts and rental of the Via scanner brings the total for this repair to around $3k. Not cheap, but I knew this was the risk when I purchased this truck. The concern at this point is there's a yellow triangle warning light on now which indicates something is still wrong with the hybrid system. There's also 2 weird noises when the generator (the gas engine) is running. The truck drove home 25 miles without issue though, so I'm just going to see what happens at this point and hope the issues self resolve . Thanks to everyone for following along and adding information along the way. Slim
  4. Apparently the truck was too heavy for the lift in the EV tech's bay, so they had to move it into a diesel bay with higher capacity lifts. Here's some pictures of the repair:
  5. I got my parts and was able to convince Via Motors to allow me to have a dealership in town make the repair. Here's the parts as they came from Via:
  6. That screen is crazy. I put an aftermarket in mine, but I it didn't monitor any battery stuff. Have you checked this place for batteries? https://www.thunderstruck-ev.com/used-a123-pouch-modules.html
  7. Good catch. Updated it. They probably know I'm not using them to fix it so they bypassed that quote. Slim
  8. Just got the quote a moment ago. Let's see if the attachment works. I've been having trouble all of a sudden. Slim
  9. I'm waiting on the quote from them as well as the parts quote. I would absolutely change it myself, but pulling the battery safely at my house isn't going to happen. I'm also dealing with my '32 needing to get fixed after the suicide door flew open on me.
  10. Yes and it also shows that contactor bundle as well. I think it's a great tool to visualize how everything in the pack is put together.
  11. Charge System Inspection (Truck).pdf This is the procedure Via Motors sent me to troubleshoot the charging fault at first. When everything looked good according to this, the rented me their data logger. This plugs into the white ODB2 plug (this is under the gm ODB2 plug).
  12. I found this pdf written by A123 in 2013. This showed me where the contactors were and that it should be easily (carefully) done. Slim A123 battery Info.pdf
  13. There was a guy in a diy electric forum that replaced his 100 amp contactor with a 200 amp one. Wonder if you got his truck?
  14. Thanks, but I wish that was the issue. I had them send me a data logger and we found a contactor in the battery pack is bad. They wanted me to ship the truck to Utah to have it fixed, then layer said just the battery. I've finally convinced them to let me bring it to the dealer and have their EV tech do it. It's not a terrible repair that both Volts and Fisker Karma owners deal with. I don't have a lift to drop my battery (plus I've lowered my truck 5 inches), so a dealer it is. It's taken forever for them to allow me to get the information to drop the battery. I'm still waiting on a liability reuse firm to allow 3rd party repairs which had been maddening, but I'm happy to get the help I'm getting. Slim
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