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  1. Yes, was def injection and don’t pay attention to the thump it’s a diesel and really don’t hear it.
  2. Well up to 500 miles on mine, but got home today and backed into the basement and heard a ticking sound. Fist time I noticed it probably because I had the window down, don’t do that most of the time.
  3. Bad thing about the custom is the console don’t open, that’s my first fix.
  4. They say using Allison trans fluid makes a difference in shifting and running cooler what’s your thinking on this is it a good idea.
  5. I do get out on the highways but will go no more than 5000 miles between oil changes. Before the pandemic it could take 45 minutes to go eight miles lol. Was looking around at oil and will probably go with a semi synthetic oil. Know several people that swear by Rotella in their cars and motorcycles, but don’t think they have a semi synthetic. I do hear the knock from the back of the motor but it’s my first diesel so just thought it was normal. Hope this truck last sure was a lot of money.
  6. Is it good to go synthetic with the first oil change? Don't you need to make sure things seat before putting synthetic oil in until it has so many miles-on it. In 1995 I bought the wife the bad impala SS LT1 for a family car and ask my mechanic(RIP) about synthetic oil. He told me wait to it gets more miles on it so everything seats its that slick. He also said synthetic is so slick if there’s a pin hole it will find it and leak he didn’t use it. At 25,000 miles I put mobile synthetic Oil in and after a month the oil pan started leaking some. To this day I wonder if he was just lucky or that good of a mechanic. I have a 100 miles on my truck so I’ll keep researching, I drive 8 miles to work.
  7. I saw Walmart sells it in a couple gallon jug can’t remember the brand but this is all new to me my first diesel. Great question and answer.
  8. Great! thank you, don’t have to be locked up in the funny farm right now wife will be disappointed.
  9. Ok, thanks everyone I feel better, I think lol, I was thinking vacuum leak but as long as I’m not alone I’m good. Thanks for all the input this is really a great forum with great people. As long as It don’t cause no problems my Apple Music will solve the issue. Thanks again everyone. Bones454
  10. I trying to figure out if I have a problem, my 2020 custom at idle would make a sucking(hissing) noise coming from around the tachometer. You could only hear it with everything off and with a little RPM it would get louder then go away with a little more RPM. I traded the truck after 3 months this week for a LT diesel and it does the same thing. Don’t know if it’s just the tachometer or a vacuum leak. Service dept says never heard of that problem but wanted me to bring it in so I can show it to them. Can anyone take a listen at their truck and see if it does the same thing sometime. As long as it’s not some kind of leak I have no problem with it. Thanks in advance
  11. I notice mine is very hard to shift. Glad I didn’t come to this forum before I bought my truck or I would be riding my motorcycle ?
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