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  1. I just got the banks derringer and the banks cold air intake. What a difference!!! The idash is absolutely amazing. Name a part on the truck and you can monitor it.
  2. I've got the KO2 and hate them. I've run all forms of the general grabbers for years. From highway tires to all terrains to off road tires. They are the best I have ever run. My last truck I swapped to an all terrain goodyear wrangler because of price and I thought it was horrible on road. They were so so off road. When I bought my current 2500 there were toyo open country on it. They were ok, but wore out very quick. I replaced them with the KO2s. If it sprinkles I get stuck in my dirt driveway in 4x4 with an 8000lb truck. My wife has no problems with her 2wd acadia with continental hwy tires. These are the worst tires I have ever had. I'll be going back to an all terrain general very soon, no matter the price.
  3. Sorry no pics. Both trucks pulled same camper. 27 ft. Roughly 6,000-7,000 lbs. 350 miles into the smokey mountains. 2018 sierra 1500 denali z71 4x4 crew cab 6.5ft bed. 5.3 8 speed. Stock. 4mpg 2018 silverado 2500 4x4 crew cab 8ft long bed. L5p diesel. Stock with 35's. 10mpg
  4. Rough country says this is the largest diff drop and crossmember drop that they offer. Come to find out it's the same ones that's in their 5 inch lift. This one just has a bigger knuckle. My credit card company has issued a charge back due to falsely advertising that it maintains factory angles until they fix my issue.
  5. My diesel was $50,000 new. My gas was $58,000 but it was a denali. I'm happier with my diesel WT than I was with the Denali, but I could care less about heated vibrating seats and all that other crap. The diesel is an extra $9,000. Over 5 years I save $7700. At the end of that 5 years I'll get between $10,000 and $15,000 extra at least in resale. The worst that will happen to a diesel owner after 5 years is that they break even. If you've taken care of the truck then you will make money vs a gas. This is the case unless you want to keep you truck. Then the savings are bigger and you can keep your truck longer because diesels last alot longer. Just offering up a solution as you dont have a solution for your current situation. Those 6.0 gassers are great but are horrible on gas and you cannot make them better. Just because of your fuel costs, going diesel you would break even financially after 2 years, much less with the miles you are putting on it.
  6. Rough country said that they have had no complaints about this kit. B.S. They said there is no fix because this kit keeps all the angles stock. When I called the merchant I bought it from, sd truck springs, they say the same thing. I told them that it is not what was described in their listing and I need a resolution. They said that there is nothing that they can do because it is the right kit. I then told them that when I called before I installed it with my concerns about bad angles and the diff drop and crossmembers not being big enough they told me that it would work. I have all calls recorded. Now when I call to get this worked out they tell me that they will call me back and they never do. This happened twice. I've talked to my credit card company about this and showed them the screenshots of the description. I then showed them my angles compared to factory angles. I told them I have call recordings if needed. They said that the merchant must provide what was described. Until they do they issued a charge back. I'm also missing the brake lines. This is the short of it.
  7. Get a diesel. I've had several 1500's with both 5.3 and 6.2. Both got the same mileage. Then I got a crew cab long bed 4x4 diesel l5p. Gas. Diesel Stock and empty 23mpg. 22 mpg Loaded with 33's 20mpg. 22 mpg Towing mower 15mpg. 18 mpg Towing my camper 4mpg. 11 mpg Guys who are deleting the diesels are seeing upwards of 25% increase in mpg. This last year I've saved $1540 in fuel and maintenance by switching to a diesel. Resale more than makes up for the added sticker price. If all you do is commute then gassers are great. If you use the truck like a truck, the new diesels are soo great that it's just stupid not to get one.
  8. I've got a 2018 silverado 2500, crew cab, long bed, 4x4. I just finished installing a 7.5 inch rough country lift. Dont bash, now I know. Long story short, the cv axle angles suck as the diff drop and crossmembers on this lift are way to short. The cv axles are maxed out with the torsion keys set to factory. Cranking them back wont help enough. The only fix I see is to get drop spacers for between the frame and the factory diff bracket and then notch the rear crossmember and then brace it. I'm looking for some input.
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