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  1. Update on the rear window. Heavy rains in GA and no visible leaks or cracks yet. Headliner is in finally but waiting for a new dome interior light before taking it to the collision shop for repair. Again, if you have the option, have your dealer send the parts and job to a insurance / collision center that specializes in body repairs and making stuff brand new. These techs at dealers are nothing more than oil change boys. Will update with pics after I get it in the shop.
  2. Lol, even as a guy who works in music industry, works on my farm, and does extensive home remodeling -- the first thing I thought of was this exact thing -- why in the hell would they run this angle directly for water to hit a seam? Makes zero sense. Water will find a way through the smallest hairline crack. Just common damn sense.
  3. Yeah tbh, just crack it if it's not visible. Save yourself the time and bypass the entire nonsense of the TSB. Go ahead and call GM and escalate it to a supervisor so you can have a case # for record keeping purposes. Other than that, it's just a time process of going and coming back and forth until it's done right. Stick in there everyone! UPDATE: Took the trail boss down through the sticks and some mud in the pouring rain this weekend and the new window hasn't leaked yet. Still have that sense of paranoia though. Stellar.
  4. Yeah the rear window assembly is removed by removing the back seats to disconnect the electronics and then they can cut your window out with basically string. The glass guys will clean up the old caulk etc and just install it. It turned out better than factory. The spoiler doesn't need to come off for that purpose but they will remove the spoiler during the initial TSB caulk job. As for the yellow stuff aka the caulk, it was applied as the TSB says to do so just in a crappy fashion. You have to remember dealer's and service techs don't really care about warranty stuff like this and are gonna half ass things. I had GM forward the window and the bill to a third-party collision body shop for all my repairs moving forward. So, they did a bang up job on the window swap.
  5. For record keeping, the body shop says the issues they found were the cracks in the upper rear pillars and cracks within the plastic assembly. Here's photos of the repair process.
  6. Looks like we received the same model man. Also, I'm from GA too brotha! #GODAWGS The first section, “43R”, indicates the part conforms to European standard of safety regulation number 43. The set of numbers that follows, “000072, is the approval number assigned to the part. So my assumption is this is a new batch of windows -- I may be mistaken though.
  7. Updated on the 2018 Fort Wayne Assembly TB. Dealer attempted to repair fix with 12 dollar bottle of caulk as suggested by GM service bulletin despite me advising not to do so. In the process, dealer ruined the headliner, broke the interior dome light, and caught the swift hand of my legal team after telling me "I'm not worth it to lose my business". Apologies were soon given after GM called them. Window ordered in Jan 2020. GM made them send the truck to a body shop closer to me that specializes in insurance repairs and dealer work. New window installed Jan 31st no leaks. Replacement model was FUYAO 43R - 000072. The exact same one that was in it to begin with. So, we'll have to see if this is a bogus window as well. As for the trash headliner and interior dome light, dealer and CS supervisor are saying they're on national backorder at the moment but the parts are in queue. What a helluva car buying experience! They should just market that every Silverado with a rear sliding glass comes stock with a koi pond!
  8. Exactly if that was the case, then every one of us with camlockers would be set. Ha!
  9. Keep in mind the actual damage is underneath the headliner on the rear window assembly near the top corners. There should be two cracks. So this is some sort of design flaw allowing the cab to flex the actual inferior frame assembly which is causing the failures. Best fix is GM to use better materials moving forward but knowing my GM mechanics and what they say "GM likes to do things the cheap a** way". Lol. UPDATE Regarding the Trail Boss LT: Dealer has a loaner 2500 for me. District rep and dealer owner wants to replace rear window, carpet, and headliner. Again, I think it's luck of the draw to get an easy dealer to work with but you should be firm when dealing with these people. They know what the issue is because they're working on these trucks nonstop. Some at this point are bypassing the entire service bulletin and just replacing the rear windows. Bc that silicone "WILL" fail. And that's not to say the new assembly won't fail either if the actual structure is compromising the window frame. I guess these people at GM have never roofed a house before bc they clearly don't understand how water and fluctuation works haha. Will report back with info from GM supervisor convo and case.
  10. 2019 Trail Boss LT here. Rear window leak located in GA area. The updated Feb 2019 TSB still says the same as the previous pages regarding GM fixing your cracked window frame with $12 silicone caulk. The window assembly replacements https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-sliding-glass-84569182 can be purchased for under 300 bucks. Speak with your service manager, district rep, or dealership owner and demand to have a new assembly installed and anything damaged by water should be cleaned or replaced if necessary. Those headliners run about 900 bucks a pop. So, essentially GM is shooting themselves in the foot by cheaping out the first go around and not actually fixing the problems. Service bulletin 18-NA-383 https://static.oemdtc.com/TSB/MC-10156903-9999.pdf I opened a case 5 days ago on GM chat support for paperwork purposes if they want to play games. But I have the dealer owner's phone number, the service manager's number, and the district rep's phone number. You tell these people to replace the back window glass and fix subsequent damage caused by their manufacturer defect until you're satisfied. Keep logs of every call, every report, every conversation in the event you're in a situation you may need to lemon law or negotiate a buy back. Wish you all the best and I'll keep you updated. Currently have my vehicle under the shelter to mitigate damage but my entire backseat has been soaked before from this. And what's funny is there are numerous of these vehicles well into the newer builds 2020 Denalis and 2020 silverados that are sitting on the lots being damaged right now that these crooks are selling to customers without fixing or disclosing. This is near grounds for a class action lawsuit. Several of my dealer connects have told me they have more than 5+ trucks at any given time per week fixing these issues so this isn't remedied and isn't limited to just 10/2018 production date vehicles. This is an ongoing problem that hasn't been fixed. Obviously issuing a recall would be far too costly for GM which is why it's not known to the general consumers. I have begun speaking with a firm about this already.
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