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  1. I know I'm resurrecting a 14 month old thread. @Will O'Daniel, did you come up with a 2" hitch receiver option? I want the 2" tube to come out where the license plate is on my '15 Sierra 1500 for a portable winch on a cradle. The Curt and Draw-tite options hang down 9.5-11" below the frame and stick out below the fascia; that's sacrificing too much ground clearance.
  2. I'm looking to get a used truck cap for my '15 Sierra 1500 crew cab short bed. I'm a bit confused on what years will be compatible on my truck. Many sites show 14-15 as different than 16-19. What are the differences, if any, for purposes of fitting a truck cap?
  3. Where did you source the OEM '16 kit? What did that cost you?
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