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  1. I'll keep my eyes open for a wrecked one with the bumper I'm looking for. I don't want to wrap it because i want the bumper with the exhaust cutouts to run a dual exhaust setup.
  2. Looking to upgrade my chrome non dual cutout bumper for a color matched black one with the dual exhaust cutouts. If I only order the bumper itself, part 1 in the pic, will all the plastic parts and pieces fit and carry over to the new bumper?
  3. Still under 1000 miles with the motofab 2.5" upper front strut spacer but no issues as of yet. Ride feels like stock. I also did the 2" rear blocks. Thinking of upgrading to a 3" front kit. At that point i will upgrade the UCAs.
  4. I'm really liking the flowmaster american thunder catback system. But I'm going to wait until i can swap my regular LT chrome bumper for a black RST or Trail Boss bumper so I can run the quad black exhaust tips.
  5. Had the same thing coming from the passenger side rear head rest when I first bought the truck. Have 7000 miles now and it went away by itself.
  6. If i'm parked slightly downward the tailgate will pop open but not automatically drop. Have to be parked on a level surface or uphill for it to drop.
  7. Added 2.5" front level kit and a 2" rear block lift. Love the new stance! Made plenty room for some 33's now.
  8. I'm in the same boat. Debating if it's worth the extra money for all the piping or if i should just swap mufflers and weld on a new tip. I guess with a catback system you are getting a larger diameter piping with less restrictive flow. Overall performance would be better, sound would be about the same. I've been looking at the borla s-type or the new flowmaster flowfx catback. On my last truck i just swapped in a magnaflow muffler and it sounded fine.
  9. Anyone interested in the factory fog light harness and the jumper harness? I purchased the gm fog light kit to add to my LT. I was getting crazy quotes for the install and BCM flash so I ended up using a harness from DIYgen5. So now I have the factory harness laying around if anyone wants it.
  10. Replaced my chrome mirror caps with the black ones from GM. Love the way they look.
  11. Has anyone swapped out the interior door wood trim? I was looking on chevy accessories page and came across these... I think they would look good and match the whole black truck theme. My rear doors do not have the wood trim at all so I think it would be a nice upgrade.
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