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  1. Hey fellow BC guy... Mostly on your note of this going to a small practical vehicle... the Acadia is not a small vehicle IMO. Perhaps a bit smaller compared to a pickup (never owned one, rarely driven) or a minivan (owned 3, either the wife or winter vehicles). But definitely not small regardless. That said I came from a Z06 / minivan (late fall to early spring) combo, and am very happy with the Acadia. My wife drives a Rogue, which I would actually consider a small vehicle, one that you would likely not want as your sole vehicle (nor would I). Let us know what you decide on.
  2. I know this is a very old post, but I just joined so... It brings up a wish item I would like to have on my '19; quieter option for touch screen entry, etc. I'd love no feedback to be honest. Rear climate "BEEP"? Why? I know it changed to rear climate as now the rear climate shows! Yes, it's turned down all the way. Just wish all the way went lower.
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