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  1. I honestly didn't know you can actually turn off Onstar. I just don't subscribe. Shouldn't change anything that I'm aware of (although AcadiaForum.net group may be a better lot to check with to be sure). Even though not subscribed, Onstar still stays on in certain regards with my Acadia. It sends reports to me, to the dealer...
  2. Around here you can still get new 2019's... seen some when I took my '19 in to have the tranny checked.
  3. I've seen plenty Tellurides about town. I will have to entirely disagree on comparing the front end to a Range Rover. Range Rover and Jag make the nicest looking SUV's on the planet to my eyes. I see no similarity, sorry. Either way, I was talking about interior build quality, and ownership reliability only. Sounds like your wife has her mind made anyway. My wife is not so decisive, her Rogue was definitely partly my choice for her.
  4. I recently bought a 2019 Acadia, which is a very similar vehicle. The tranny is going in for 2-3 shift RPM flare. Less than 4000 miles on it. They are pulling the tranny Wednesday they say. Am I happy about this? Obviously not. But they are at least acting. Otherwise the vehicle is very nicely made. So far past the GM of the 2000's, by miles. Good ride, plenty of power, nice interior, all good. A friend has a Kia Sportage, the interior on that reminds me of my '04 Z06, cheap junk. But I would imagine the Telluride is much better appointed? The only other Kia experience I have had is my in-laws Sedona (purchased new). Let's just say neither they or I would ever recommend a Kia Sedona... More for the money doesn't always work. Years ago my sister was buying her first car. I tried to convince her to buy a Honda with what she wanted. She bought a new Renault Fuego. Why? More for the money. Good choice? No, for many reasons. Not trying to convince you that your wife is right, but more for the money is not the way to go IME.
  5. Hey fellow BC guy... Mostly on your note of this going to a small practical vehicle... the Acadia is not a small vehicle IMO. Perhaps a bit smaller compared to a pickup (never owned one, rarely driven) or a minivan (owned 3, either the wife or winter vehicles). But definitely not small regardless. That said I came from a Z06 / minivan (late fall to early spring) combo, and am very happy with the Acadia. My wife drives a Rogue, which I would actually consider a small vehicle, one that you would likely not want as your sole vehicle (nor would I). Let us know what you decide on.
  6. I know this is a very old post, but I just joined so... It brings up a wish item I would like to have on my '19; quieter option for touch screen entry, etc. I'd love no feedback to be honest. Rear climate "BEEP"? Why? I know it changed to rear climate as now the rear climate shows! Yes, it's turned down all the way. Just wish all the way went lower.
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