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  1. Is there any way to get rid of the CEL that comes on when you take this stupid thing off the truck? Canceling the code just makes it pop up again as soon as I turn the truck on
  2. Any idea how much fluid I'll need to buy, or where to find that info? I am reading some pretty conflicting amounts over a wide range from 8 quarts to 14.
  3. Which ATF from amsoil- the OE multi-vehicle? I use amsoil engine oil in my truck. Hear nothing but good things about them
  4. No, I have the Z71 that i think is one class lower.
  5. I cant find Dextron HP. It says it is a discontinued product. Trash Amazon tells me VI is compatible with my truck and other stuff isnt that actually is. I should've known better lol.
  6. I had a feeling the dextron VI wouldnt work. Thanks for the headsup
  7. I have a 7" suspension lift kit from Rough Country for a '18 silverado 1500 4wd I bought and never put on possibly for sale. I'm gaging interest to see if anyone might be interested. Message me for more details. Below is the link to american trucks.com where i bought it http://em.americantrucks.com/t/l?ssid=37753&subscriber_id=ahlucmxwuaokoykvmyxxjrnswfqgbno&delivery_id=bgikgrnuyettucpguumhpkopfskjbid&td=25lwUqL3Z33f4cjCwpDungkamHo2x4cTEPcwaKzrkn-Dxbf4c3K6b3c2YRORPqdTprC5nE_pz0IV0dy_8oCZynYkrB8r9049QcoaHo0vCdilVeb_ndXX3vcJ685eSpmnePiFeWmSSk8WwHRo7bxlbx1hcWyfpEkNGYG8JC-G
  8. I have a '18 Silverado 1500 z71 8 speed transmission. I cant seem to find the part number for the trans fluid filter. I see one on Amazon that says it fits but in the description it says "for 6 speed trans." Does this make a difference? I also noticed AC Delco makes a synthetic trans fluid (Dexron v1). Any thoughts on if this is better for a truck with 90k than just reg dexron?
  9. I just had my CEL come on and its reading a U1510 and a U1501. I ran some Lucas Oil Fuel System Cleaner because I was suddenly getting 2-3 mpg less fuel economy. It's still dipping 4-5 mpgs today and with the light on I'm wondering if that stuff may have triggered something. Anyone have any thoughts or input. I was reading spark plugs could trip U1501, which I will be replacing anyway as I'm at 90k miles.
  10. I take it GM puts DEX-COOL in their vehicles off the line? I know mixing different kinds of coolant can create a reaction between the 2 and cause problems, so it makes sense that those who don't flush out the old before putting in the new could increase that risk.
  11. GM recommends DEX-COOL coolant in their vehicles, but I've heard it can jack up manifold gaskets and cause other problems... Anyone have problems with this type of coolant or have any other recommendations? I have a 2018 Silverado 1500 by the way
  12. No check engine light and it kind of feels like misfiring. I haven't checked the air filter, but will this evening. I usually run 89 instead of 87, and yes, it's totally stock. I'll run the chevron and let you know if that helps- i was recommended this by a friend, too after telling him this. Thanks
  13. I've also noticed the throttle response is the worst of any vehicle I've ever owned, especially when accelerating from a dead stop, or going from reverse to drive or vice versa... which are one in the same I suppose. It just seems like an eternity when I backup, stop, put it in drive, and wait forever for the throttle to respond to me pushing the gas.
  14. I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 and at random times the engine sputters slightly like it's losing power for only a split second, and it does it several times in a row over a second or 2. It happens most frequently between 1000 and 2000 rpms, but its random. Vacuum leak or a cracked/split hose somewhere maybe? Air intake or fuel problem?
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