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  1. I love my solid fold 2.0...but it's water "resistant" at best..My buddy has the bakflip and it's worse...My old cover was an undercover 1 pc fiberglass, now that thing was waterproof..but it was a pain if you had to load anything taller than the bed rails
  2. dude...add some nice black racing stripes and some nice wide black 22's...I can dig it
  3. thanks for the reply, I definitely will be getting one of some sort..I like the option of having a non locking side...this one that says flow-through is the only one I've seen for the 19+ trucks that have that option.
  4. Truck still hasn't arrived yet but I am looking at getting a center console safe like I have in my current truck. But when looking at the options...I see one listed as being for Flow-though console...might be a stupid question but anyone know the difference here?
  5. Me too, I wish you could get the Custom frontend on the higher trim levels
  6. love that color...my brother in law and my father both bought one that color so figured I should go a different route.
  7. So I was sitting here thinking about fitting 40" swampers on my new Silverado on the stock suspension, while contemplating deleting my factory muffler using an old dryer vent, and wondering if I should change my oil with a new poly unsaturated gluten free unobtainium blend.... Just kidding guys, figured I should cover as many hot point topics I could right off the bat LOL....had an account years ago when I had my old GMC and I suppose I was deleted...I really miss that truck but after 270k ROUGH miles..I decided it was time for something with more room and sold it. Had a couple Tundras and now coming back home..sorta, Chevy not a GMC this go around
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