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  1. I ended up getting another Solid Fold 2.0 with the new Silverado...not the most waterproof but the benefits outweigh the negatives..the best part about it is that is sits on top of the bed rails so nothing is bolted onto the sides of the bed...I have stood on the sides of the bed without any damage. The kids will sit and stand and sit on it...But with my 240 lbs I would not stand in the middle
  2. I had them in my Tundra, zero complaints...to be honest the quality of the leather itself was better than the factory Toyota leather. The leather in my new truck is superior in my opinion
  3. I like finding them still attached to the deer myself
  4. those signs you're referring to are meaningless in Florida...I am talking about places you actually are not legally able to carry, Federal buidings, courthouse, school, etc..
  5. I see most people dont like it, but I gotta say I see alot of potential. My wife currently has a 3.6 Equinox and will be looking for a new ride in the next year or so...she already spotted these and expressed her interest
  6. Can't carry everywhere...it's those times that the safe is for....where do you think it was when the picture was taken lol
  7. as a side note..is that a Sig romeo RMR? I looked at those but ended up with a Vortex
  8. both look like they serve the same purpose. I do like having the 2 sides so I can keep things the wife or kids may need that you want handy but out of the way without having to open the locked side. With still room on top for a few other essentials.
  9. I'm interested in this too...I saw this and was wondered if it would solve the problem of most of the bass coming thru the door speakers...I am not an audio guy by any means so please excuse my ignorance...I just like to hear that bass drop when listening to the LACs or Snoop lol https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2020-silverado-1500-audio-upgrade-kickerreg-powered-subwoofer-kit-crew-cab-and-extended-cab/19417164-p-92305764.html
  10. I'm going to post the pics in a new thread..this one seems to have went south lol
  11. well...I once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express...
  12. I'll snap a pic later today and post em up
  13. Got a good deal on a 2002 Silverado for my daughter for her first vehicle. 90K miles owned by my grandfather..had some ideas to make it look a little more sporty but it seems I am a bit..."old school" Might try and find her some new wheels and replace that awful greyish grill insert
  14. https://www.americantrucks.com/eg-silverado1500-center-console-lock-vault-7022-1000-19.html its listed as being for the Silverado...perhaps they are different. I like this one because it has a separate place for stuff you don't need to lock up. I do feel compelled to point out one problem I had, it was shipped without replacement bolts or washer and the factory ones are too short to be reused, luckily I had some in the garage that worked perfectly.
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