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  1. Here in Jax some have 93, some 91, and some are 92...they all cost about the same so I try and get 93...never had any trouble or noticed a difference when forced to use 91
  2. It will...you just have to force it to bend to your will mine whispers in my ear (if you aint first...you're last!)
  3. 6400 miles on mine, life of the truck the readout says 18.8, mostly city driving...Covid traffic levels mind you lol. If I keep my foot out of it I have gotten 24.8 best on a 50 mile average (actual trip was about 90 miles where the speed limit is 55 most of the trip. On a normal highway where I run 80ish, I can expect 18-19
  4. one thing that may or may not sway anyone...its tempting me greatly! is GM is offering 20% off their accessories over $500. installed for $75 more...
  5. I've driven a truck on washboard dirt roads since before I was legally old enough to do so and every one of them to some extent will do that, and the longer the wheelbase the move pronounced the effect. Trucks are made to haul stuff and when the bed has nothing in it they will tend to get a little "squirrelly", they certainly make shocks that will help but as mentioned a cheap fix it to put something in the bed. Doesnt have to be much...back in my wilder days even a igloo full of ice and beer makes a big difference lol.
  6. tried searching for this but no luck...their website only shows the 5.3 option, anyone tried these with a 6.2?
  7. I ordered some off Amazon that someone had recommended on here, they fit perfectly. That was the cause of most of the leaks on my tonneau
  8. Most of the water was coming from the stake pockets, I added stake pocket covers from Amazon last week and that seems to have helped alot. Some water will leak in from the tailgate which isnt the fault of the cover. I'll try and get a pic next time it rains
  9. I have had an extang solid fold 2.0 on my last 3 trucks, my parents both have one on their trucks...and I'm thinking of buying one for my daughters truck...you could say I am a fan. They will leak a bit, not terrible but you will have some water get in the bed during a rain storm.
  10. I was hoping it would work for viewing trail cam pictures but from what I have read it doesn't work for that...I haven't made it back to the lease with this pandemic to try it out yet.
  11. I don't know how different the newer 4.3's are...but I can tell you the 4.3 they put in the S10's back in the mid 90's was no slouch in its day. I had a 96 S10 SS with a vortech supercharger that would runs 8's in the 1/8. 4.3 is (or was at least) a 350 small block missing 2 cylinders.
  12. haven't mounted one in my new truck but always had one before when I was running dogs. Never had alot of luck with the magnetic mounts
  13. as you can see in the pictures on mine there is no gap, there is about 1/2" of steel that overlaps the side with the lock. I am certainly not saying someone couldn't get into it...but I dont see you doing it with a screwdriver and not in that quick of a time.
  14. not sure of the brand of mine but I ordered it from Americantrucks.com, I bought it over the others because I wanted one side that didn't lock. None of them are going to keep out a determined criminal. But most will keep smash and grab punks, crackheads, etc out long enough to be a deterrent
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