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  1. I have a solid fold 2.0, same issue..it puts just enough pressure to prevent the tailgate from opening
  2. y'all over here talking about the 2.7 and all I can think about is how bad I wish I could still get away with a reg cab truck... this 6.2 in a 2wd reg cab....taking me back to my S10 SS days
  3. this is one of the best looking and most functional builds I've seen for our trucks...great job!
  4. I'd drive this one...if it lives up to the hype
  5. When, not if...they come out with a EV in a truck body that can do what I need it to do it, I'm all in...I guess I just dont need to prove how manly I am by how much fuel I waste doing the things I need to do. If the Rivian R1T lives up to the hype I'll get one, after they've worked out the kinks. Will say I am not so sure about the 21" wheels though
  6. -25, -10...yall can have all that mess. It was even a little chilly here this morning, had to wear a long sleeve shirt
  7. buddy of mine moved to the Chicago area for work and bought a Chevy Volt for driving into the city instead of his truck. he hasn't had any issues.
  8. How loud is the Corsa at start up? Wake the neighbors loud?
  9. Hit a washout this weekend heading to the deer stand, must have been a log or stump I didnt see because something hit and bent and now I have one bent shutter and one thats missing..also a broken fog light..the shutter deal is one assembly and nearly $400 plus labor...is there a way just to disable the stupid thing? I live in FL for Gods sake...I need all the air I can get coming in.
  10. I drive to work up hill in the snow both way in the Florida heat with a strong Santa Ana headwind. I'm getting around 18.3 average per the trip for the life of my truck about 8k miles. I've manually checked the mileage and it's usually been .2+/- accurate. I have run 93 since my first tank.
  11. Here in Jax some have 93, some 91, and some are 92...they all cost about the same so I try and get 93...never had any trouble or noticed a difference when forced to use 91
  12. It will...you just have to force it to bend to your will mine whispers in my ear (if you aint first...you're last!)
  13. 6400 miles on mine, life of the truck the readout says 18.8, mostly city driving...Covid traffic levels mind you lol. If I keep my foot out of it I have gotten 24.8 best on a 50 mile average (actual trip was about 90 miles where the speed limit is 55 most of the trip. On a normal highway where I run 80ish, I can expect 18-19
  14. one thing that may or may not sway anyone...its tempting me greatly! is GM is offering 20% off their accessories over $500. installed for $75 more...
  15. I've driven a truck on washboard dirt roads since before I was legally old enough to do so and every one of them to some extent will do that, and the longer the wheelbase the move pronounced the effect. Trucks are made to haul stuff and when the bed has nothing in it they will tend to get a little "squirrelly", they certainly make shocks that will help but as mentioned a cheap fix it to put something in the bed. Doesnt have to be much...back in my wilder days even a igloo full of ice and beer makes a big difference lol.
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