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  1. I can tell you what happens to them if you hit a muddy washout and there's a stump in the middle of it...hint...they break
  2. Anyone know of a legit way to find the current owner of a vehicle based on the VIN? All the ones I see online seem pretty sketch.
  3. 275/60/20 is a factory size and ends up being about the same size as the 270/70/18 depending on the tire. Shouldn't have any issue
  4. With that being the case, other than BDS and Zone which both get praise for the warranties..how much difference is there amongst the others, CST, Procomp, Superlift, Rough Country..etc..
  5. I've been reading and searching for 3 weeks and I believe I have the the answer...but I want to confirm or at least get differing opinions. A 3-3.5" leveling kit like the Zone, Cognito, or Superlift, that comes with new UCA are much less prone to breaking stuff and are a pretty good option if you just want to add slightly bigger tires like say a 295/60/20 or 35x11.50 but all require a different offset than the factory wheels...OR the best option would be to go with a full kit like the BDS, Zone, Procomp, etc some of which you can reuse the factory wheels which helps to offset the higher cost of the full lift, but require you to cut up your truck. I miss the days of swapping out torsion bar keys and doing a little cranking, swapping out the factory block for a 4" and calling it a day. Drove my 2001 Sierra like that for nearly 300K HARD miles with no issue.
  6. Did you have to use spacers to retain your factory wheels? Their website mentions 5.75 backspacing
  7. Did you ever get any info on this? Trying to find info on this one or the Zone 3.5 Adventure and coming up pretty thin.
  8. spent the long weekend up in Boone NC to play in the snow, got a little more than we bargained for lol
  9. “Petunia” as my daughter calls her, got some new wheels and tires. Next up to do something with the grayed out grill piece, thinking of taking it off and painting it instead of replacing the whole thing.
  10. I didnt even think of the lug nut covers...thats a great idea
  11. So I've tried searching but maybe I'm not using the right terms...I found some factory take off wheels and tires from a 2009 Tahoe that I am putting on my daughters 2002 Silverado, he wheels have the open end lug nuts that wont look right on the new wheels. I need the "acorn" style lug nuts but arent exactly sure what size.
  12. Someone the other day asked about the new Silverado's and how they compare to a different make of truck the OP currently owned, well that got me thinking...can you guys smell the smoke from there? If you could combine certain characteristics of any vehicle that you previously owned and combine them into a current and modern vehicle...what would they be and how would that look? Obviously everyone's idea of perfect is different, so I thought it might be fun to discuss, I'll go first. I'd take the off-road ability and solid axle front end from my old 79 Bronco, the 6.2 and 10spd transmission from my current Silverado, pair those up in a Stepside reg cab like my 2001 Sierra and have one heck up a play truck
  13. 2 of my 3 previous trucks were Tundra's had a 2008 Double cab 5.7 that I loved, put over 100k miles on and it did everything I asked but I got the itch for something new so I bought a 2015 GMC crew cab LTZ with the 5.3, the thing was a dog...in the beginning I was happy because of all the bells and whistles and fancy new tech it had over the Tundra..that quickly wore off especially hooking the boat to it. Drove it for a little over a year and decided to go back to a Tundra, bought a 2017 crew max, it had all the power I had been missing and a few nice features the 08 had lacked, but not as much unneeded extras the GMC had and I was happy...then they come out with the 2019 Chevys and I loved them. Debating for a while and when they announced the 10 spd 6.2 combo I had to pull the trigger. I ended up with a 2020 RST crew cab with the 6.2 and couldn't be happier. It has all the speed and power of the Tundra, better gas mileage, as much if not more room as the crew max, a bigger bed and just the right amount of creature comforts. The only thing I feel I have sacrificed is the offroad ability...I still think Toyota has a major edge there. Some folks might disagree with some or even all of that...but you asked for opinions so there you have mine.
  14. the problem you're running into is most people don't care or see an issue with such a small variance, BUT what they do love is a chance to add a smart comment or make a joke, instead of kicking back a response to each one of these...maybe lighten up and roll with it. For example..if someone says put down the phone and drive...maybe say instead...I would, but then how would I know what time it is since my clock is also off by 17 seconds
  15. I have a solid fold 2.0, same issue..it puts just enough pressure to prevent the tailgate from opening
  16. y'all over here talking about the 2.7 and all I can think about is how bad I wish I could still get away with a reg cab truck... this 6.2 in a 2wd reg cab....taking me back to my S10 SS days
  17. this is one of the best looking and most functional builds I've seen for our trucks...great job!
  18. I'd drive this one...if it lives up to the hype
  19. When, not if...they come out with a EV in a truck body that can do what I need it to do it, I'm all in...I guess I just dont need to prove how manly I am by how much fuel I waste doing the things I need to do. If the Rivian R1T lives up to the hype I'll get one, after they've worked out the kinks. Will say I am not so sure about the 21" wheels though
  20. -25, -10...yall can have all that mess. It was even a little chilly here this morning, had to wear a long sleeve shirt
  21. buddy of mine moved to the Chicago area for work and bought a Chevy Volt for driving into the city instead of his truck. he hasn't had any issues.
  22. How loud is the Corsa at start up? Wake the neighbors loud?
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