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  1. I just had the "fix" done to my truck yesterday(10/15/2020). New axle shaft, seals and the o-ring. So far so good, but I really haven't had the chance to drive it a good amount of time or distance. And the weather is turning cool/cold here in Wisconsin so it would take longer for the noise to happen. And from other posts I've seen some say the problem went away for a couple hundred miles after the fix, then came back. So I'm going to be listening for it to happen again and will come back here now and again to see how others are dealing with there's and to keep people informed on how mine is doing.
  2. Don't know where you live but here in Wisconsin if they fix the same thing 4 times and still doesn't fix the issue or the vehicle is not operable for 30+ days, it can be lemon law'd. You'd have to look up your state laws to determine what they consider lemon law. I'm waiting for them to get the axle shaft, its currently on back order. This will only be the first time they'll have replaced it. But if they replace the shaft 4 time before a real fix is found out, I'm lemon lawing the truck.
  3. Interested to see some responses, currently don't have this issue as my Golden is just over a year old. More or less just seeing if anyone has one and how it holds up to a larger breed dog.
  4. Sorry if you already posted this somewhere else, but what was the settlement you and GM agreed on? Gotcha, well at this point if its not fixable I'll deal with till the point of lemon lawing it and then probably switch to Ram. But who knows how long that will take since I live in Wisconsin and the law states the same issue has to be repaired 4 times and still not fixed or sitting unusable for 30+ days. And well, they still let you drive the truck while it makes the noise and with the parts on back order. Who know how long it will take to get it fixed 4 times.
  5. So I started a different thread not realizing that is the same problem I'm having. I took my truck(2020 1500, 5.3 w/8 speed trans, just over 9k miles) to the dealership today and showed the tech my complaint. The called me back to tell me the same everyone else is being told. GM wants them to replace my Axel Shaft along with the seals and a O-Ring. But the problem now is that the axel shaft is on back order. But they've said its fine to drive my truck and they'll call me when they get the parts in.
  6. Well that sucks, if the truck keeps making that noise its going to irritate me. If there is no fix short of putting in a new updated diff, could you try lemon lawing the truck? I guess what are you doing about it?
  7. So I did try the auto when I got it to make the noise again today. You are right, when I put it in Auto the noise went away. I went to the dealership and had the tech come with me and he herd the noise. They looked into it and talked with GM. GM told them they need to replace my axel shaft along with a couple seals. But the parts are on back order. So they said I can come get my truck and they'll call me when they get the part.
  8. Thanks for the info, I plan on trying to make this happen before I go into the dealership tomorrow, so I’ll test that before I actually go in.
  9. I have a 2020 Silverado 1500 LT 5.3 w/ 8 speed trans with just over 9k miles. After driving the truck for a while(not sure exact amount of time) but typically half hour to an hour at least. A noise starts to happen on my driver side. The best I can describe it as a dull chirping noise or something rubbing and it varies based on speed. I'm assuming its in the brake system or hub and not the motor as the noise varies based on speed but stops completely once I'm at a dead stop, and is a lot more audible on the driver side then the passenger side. I've taken my truck in before for this issue, but was told they couldn't replicate the problem and even with the truck on the lift, everything is still so new looking that they couldn't tell anything. I have an appointment tomorrow to have it looked at. I've scheduled it so I can drive the truck a while before hand and then have the tech come with me, hoping I can get it to replicate the issue while the tech is with me. Anyone have a similar issue or any insight to point them in the right direction?
  10. I've had a couple little hiccups with my AppleCar Pay in my 2020 1500. I recently switched from a Galaxy Note 10+ and never had any issues. But with my iPhone 11 Pro Max once it kicked me out completely in the middle of my drive like I disconnected the cable but I hadn't. Also quite often I use Pandora to listen to music and I have a premium subscription to skip songs and what not. Sometimes it won't let me skip the song via the steering wheel control, if I unplug it then plug it back it, it starts to work. Also sometimes if I pause the song and then hit play again, it starts playing but no audio comes out,. But if I re-pause it then hit play again it starts playing the audio. And yes I'm using the USB-C to lightning port cable that came in my iPhone box. Once again, never had any of these issues with Android Auto with my Note 10+.
  11. Yeah unless it happens when they have it in hand they won't be able to tell much. I asked why it showed servicing those systems if it was just a misfire that prompted the CEL to flash. They said it was probably a power/voltage surge through the system that just accidentally triggered some sensors.
  12. So I just had a similar issue. Was driving and then my CEL started to flash and then my dash said to get the Parking Brake Serviced and the ESC(?) System Serviced, after a minute or so everything went back to normal and all lights went off. Took it to the dealership later that week and all they could see was a misfire code. They stated everything looked good and all the computers in the truck were running the most up to date software. And they couldn't get the truck to duplicate the problem. They told me they called GM HQ to see if there was any new/unreleased info on the truck, but there wasn't. I have a 2020 Silverado LT All-Star Edition, 5.3 with 8 speed and just over 5k miles.
  13. I have a 2020 All Star Edition with just under 3k miles. The black screen happened to me today when I went to run an errand. Shut the truck off multiple times including exiting the vehicle and locking from the door and fob. But nothing helped. Got home and let the truck sit for a couple minutes and then went out and it turned on like normal. Made an appointment with the dealer but seeing as it's working again I'll just have to cancel it since they won't see any problems.
  14. Gotcha, the newest truck I've ever owned was a 97 Ram so I really haven't kept up with styling of mud flaps and rock guards
  15. Thank you for the info. Yeah it just seems really weird that it would be in front of the rear tire and not behind but ok.
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