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  1. I gotcha, I’m not seriously bothered by anyone here. Just used to forums where people are are actually helpful.
  2. It’s funny, I came in here asking a simple question as I’ve never seen the speedo off on any stock vehicle especially a brand new one with under 500 miles on it. And most people’s answers weren’t helpful at all or even productive to the conversation. I have no problem dealing with my speedometer being off by 1mph if that is occasionally normal but I’ve never seen it so I asked a question.
  3. Another brilliant post! Thanks so much for you thoughtful insight on the topic!
  4. That’s fine I can understand that as well. Just was seeing if this is a common issue or a way to get it fixed.
  5. So I just got a 2021 Crew Cab RST, and I noticed that my GPS speed via my waze app was 1mph slower then what my trucks digital display reads. I know its not my phone/waze as they matched in my 2020 Silverado LT and in my wifes 2021 Traverse LT. And there is one of those speed radar trailers that sit on the side of the road and flash red when your going by to fast, and I set my cruise as I passed it and it showed a mile under what the dash read. Is there a fix for this?
  6. So it appears that the MyChevrolet app was updated sometime in the last week or so. I have the subscription service to use the app as my key fob, but with the new update I can't seem to locate where the fob is inside the app. Anyone else using the app know where its located in the new update? Nevermind, I figured out where its supposed to be. Its just not showing up on my app.
  7. Yeah, mines the same way. And I'll probably never use that seat as a seat. Especially since I have the crew cab and mines only a lease. So when I give it back/trade it in, in a year or so. Then they can worry about fixing it.
  8. Looks like a recall on 2019-2021 1500's that have the bench seat. https://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/gm-recalls-840k-vehicles-seat-belt-suspension-problems-74877884
  9. It'll come back. Mine only lasted about 500 miles. So far since its been cold here in Wisconsin the noise only presents itself after driving for a while. More than I typically do in my day to day driving. I figure come spring(warmer weather) when the noise comes back at a more regular frequency I'll take it back in. I just don't have the time to make an appointment and then go drive the truck for a hour or more just to get the noise back to show the tech.
  10. I understand the concept of this. But isn't that just more work? You remote start the truck from where ever you are, then you either need to unlock the truck right away and leaving it unlocked as its warming/cooling or hit the unlock button before you walk out the door or keep the fob on you so door unlocks when you get to it. But if you keep the fob on you then the fob that's kept in the truck is useless at that point. Not sure his situation/scenario he wants to use this setup for but either way just seems like extra steps. I know I wouldn't leave my truck running unlocked especi
  11. Yeah I'm pretty sure that's a coded software(safety type feature) not a simple on/off switch in the truck or app. If the truck detects the key in the cab it assumes your there and can just press the start button. I know when I first got my truck I forgot the extra fob inside it and would try remote starting it with the other fob I was using and the truck wouldn't start with the fob itself.
  12. Are they always in the way? Don't know what you use your back seat for but you can always just fold them down. I really only use the back half of my crew cab for the dog, groceries or other misc things. I think ive only had like one person ever sit in the back. So the seats are always up and head rests folded down.
  13. So I noticed yesterday on my way home that I can hear the noise again. So it only lasted about a month before it came back. What have been peoples experience with brining there truck back again once the noise has come back? Will the dealership even do anything for me?
  14. Yeah I know, I'm just waiting for it to disintegrate. I was messing around the other day and put it in 4x4 and accelerated quickly. I started to smell a funky rubber burning smell. So I'm sure its only a matter of time especially as we are getting into winter and I'll have 4x4 engaged more often.
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