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  1. I have a 2020 All Star Edition with just under 3k miles. The black screen happened to me today when I went to run an errand. Shut the truck off multiple times including exiting the vehicle and locking from the door and fob. But nothing helped. Got home and let the truck sit for a couple minutes and then went out and it turned on like normal. Made an appointment with the dealer but seeing as it's working again I'll just have to cancel it since they won't see any problems.
  2. Gotcha, the newest truck I've ever owned was a 97 Ram so I really haven't kept up with styling of mud flaps and rock guards
  3. Thank you for the info. Yeah it just seems really weird that it would be in front of the rear tire and not behind but ok.
  4. I just noticed today on my 2020 Silverado LT that I have a set of factory Mud guards in front of the rear wheels and nothing behind them. But there is ones behind the front tires. Is that supposed to be that way? I called the dealership and they said it wasn't correct. But I just noticed another new model Silverado with the same thing.
  5. I was wondering what the noise was. I assumed it was the fuel pump. Mine does it as soon as I press the unlock button on my fob. I have a 20 Silverado LT with the 5.3
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