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  1. Loss of power especially when driving at higher speed. Poor acceleration. Cold stalling. Engine misfires. Reduced fuel efficiency. Check engine light turned on. Rough running. Engine judder at idle speed.
  2. I’m not against a catch can but would be concerned over a denial of warranty with the addition of a catch can. I lack the financial resources to take GM to court. Not sure if Magnuson Moss would work or not. It seems from spending way too much time reading about this subject that timely oil changes and using the correct oil goes a long way to help.
  3. I’m guessing if you’ve had at least 20 different GM trucks, I’m thinking they didn’t have a tremendous amount of miles on them? Perhaps the catch can is more important if one plans to keep their truck a long time and put a lot of miles on them? I sure wish I knew more about this as the folks that have them have shown they work. But the video posted about the 6.6 show the valve covers would prevent an issue.
  4. Same here, I ordered one (2021 2500 HD gasser) three days ago and was told 10-12 weeks at a minimum.
  5. Update on ordering: Went to my local GMC dealer to order 2021 2500 HD. Told salesman what I wanted to order and salesman said he’d order it without any deposit. Salesman fist bumped (COVID precautions) me and said he’d print out my order form and call me later. I sent another email asking for update as he never called. I waited for him three days (never called back) so then decided to drive to closest city with a different GMC dealer. This different dealer wants $1,000 nonrefundable deposit. Gave him my order form and I was told he was aware of some of my items/options were on national backorder (painted wheel opening moldings, chrome rims, exhaust). GM will not accept order unless they have the parts to build truck so no guarantee of when truck would/could be built. Dealer suggested I make order without these options then just order them when available from the Parts Department. So what’s the point of special ordering a new truck if I can’t get the options I’m seeking? I might as well take one off the lot then order my options/parts from Service. I guess I was surprised to learn I was planning to spend over 70K on a truck and could not get what I wanted. I saw the order sheets of dozens and dozens of new trucks the dealer has ordered, so once GM starts building and shipping I expect the lots to fill up with a nice supply of trucks. Thanks again for the input.
  6. I’ve seen many on two of the largest GMC dealership inventory Laura GMC and Everett GMC. They seem to have a nice selection with more on the way. By the way I was trying to avoid the slider after reading the 175 pages on this Forum of all the leaking issues.
  7. Greetings, I read the approximately 175 forum pages on the rear sliding window leaks and “generally speaking” it seems they are more of an issue on 1500 series vs the 2500 series. Am I right or wrong? In order to fit a 2500 in my garage I would daily have to fold the tow mirrors in. I’m aware of aftermarket solid brass replacement gears but they are for 2007-2014 only. Can I assume mirrors made after 2014 are better quality and last a reasonable amount of time? If any of you have had to fold your power mirrors in frequently did you suffer any failures? In closing I want to express my sincere appreciation to you fine folks for helping me prepare to purchase a new 2500 HD. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information and it’s been a great experience. Happy Holidays Dave
  8. Thanks for all the helpful input and advice. I sincerely appreciate it. Dave
  9. Greetings, Getting to the age/stage where this will probably be my last new vehicle to buy. I’d like a new 2500 HD gasser but wondered if it’s tremendously more expensive to make a factory order of exactly what I want vs getting one that’s “close” on the dealer lot. From reading some of the excellent information on this forum I’d like to steer clear of the sliding rear window. I would like to know if it’s several thousand dollars or much more difference. I thank you in advance for your input. Dave
  10. Would you think/assume if you were looking to buy a 2020 that’s been sitting on the dealership lot for weeks possibly months that has dry carpet and no stains on the headliner would indicate no issues? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey nice job! Thanks very much.
  12. Do you have any photos? Thanks and glad it’s working for you.
  13. Thank you all very much for your quick and helpful responses. It’s clear I’d be foolish to risk not having enough room and I don’t have the confidence in GM to have designed the fold in mirrors to withstand years and years of daily use. Ironically I started considering a 2500HD after reading hundreds of comments on this very forum about leaking rear sliding windows in the 1500. Again I greatly appreciate the input provided here. Thanks.
  14. I’ve spent literally hours on the internet trying to find out if a newer 2500 HD will fit in a standard 7’x8’ single garage opening? Height doesn’t seem to be an issue but the width with the large folding mirrors would seem tight? I’d hate to have to fold in my mirrors in/out every single day as the truck would be my DD and not sure how long the folding mechanism would last. All dimensions provided by GM are width of the truck without mirrors which is 82”. If one of you fine folks could advise if you park in a single garage I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  15. No hurry, no rush to buy but you have a valid suggestion and I appreciate it. I’d rather wait and see if there is a long term fix or re-design. A shame when you read bamatuktuk with a brand new vehicle has immediate issues like that. I’m a big boy and realize there are/will be things to deal with on a vehicle but the issues with the leaking seem to really be significant. Thanks again.
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