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  1. Who’s running them and what’s your wheel and tire setup? I’ve been having trouble gettin tire clearance so wondering if anyone has it figured out?
  2. Simple but probably my favorite mod
  3. I could mistaken but pretty sure that says Rough Country? Additionally yes its made from plastic and it provides a 2” level... what else you got water boy?
  4. do they flex or feel weak when climbing in?
  5. I’ve really enjoyed watching this truck come together. Would like to get new steps and scrap the stockers. I’ve used Westin in the past wondering what everyone else likes. Thanks 20x9 Fuel W/duratracs icon stage 4 suspension airraid CAI
  6. They will rub pretty bad, how bad depends on offset
  7. 275/55r20 will fit no rubbing if you go zero offset speedo will be close if not the same
  8. Anyone know what a stock At4 should measure font and back? Thanks
  9. Just wondering why would you lower it?
  10. Be careful lowering if you have larger tires they will rub. As far as rake get bags cheap fix and you won’t lose your ride
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