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  1. Thanks guys, just talked to the parts guy at my dealer and he wasn't sure either. I know there are aftermarket options available, but would rather stick with GM.
  2. Hello, I just purchased a 2020 Tahoe LT Z71 Midnight Edition. According to the build sheet, current mirrors are DL8. I want to upgrade to GM OEM Towing mirrors. I know it may require new harnesses, but I can't find anything (other than aftermarket) showing exactly what I'll need for my 2020 Tahoe. These are the mirrors I want. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-2018-Silverado-Sierra-Black-Camper-Trailer-Tow-Mirrors-Door-Harnesses-OEM/262650531407 Part #'s for the mirrors are 23372182, Left harness 23171572, and Right harness 23171566 I can buy the mirrors separately if I won't need the harnesses, but just not sure. I sent the seller a message, but they won't confirm they'll work with a 2020 Tahoe. It does say they'll work for a 2019 Sierra. I don't think any changes were made from 2019 to 2020, but I want to be sure before I spend this kind of money. Anyone tried this and can confirm it will work? Thanks
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