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  1. I'm not looking for album art, that i do have. I wanted the ability to setup notifications for artists and/or songs that are playing on other stations. From what i have gathered here it is simply an option that GM doesnt offer yet literally every other OEM does.
  2. Pretty sure there is a speaker icon on the Nav screen. Tap that and a slash will go thru it telling you it’s Muted.
  3. I'd like to know where, I'm pretty techy and cannot figure it out. This new SiriusXM 360L is crap if you ask me. Something with Pandora buying XM and changing the interface. I already pay for Amazon music as well and am strongly considering cancelling XM altogether just because of this.
  4. Really bugs me this feature isn't available. Seems like GM is missing the boat with alot of the creature comforts the other OEM's offer
  5. I took the middle piece on the bottom completely off. Easier, doesn't expose anything vital really & no fears of losing functionality. The mount looks way close to the ground but was only about 1/2" low per Boss specs. I'm running a 9'2" v-plow
  6. i cranked the keys up as far as they'd go, its still about 1/2" lower in the front but im fine with that since it gives me some room for squat when towing.
  7. That'd be great, only I already leveled the truck. Considering putting bags in again so I'm not pointing at the stars(exageration), will see whats its like in a few weeks
  8. I have a GD 351M and can confirm the tanks are on either side of the axels. towed it last year with a '17 F250 w/ air bags, was technically overweight but pulled it just fine, cant wait to see how my '20 duramax handles it!
  9. Done for now, until fender flares and mud flaps come out. Leveled with keys, painted mirrors and visors, wheels and tires, truxedo lopro tonneau cover, led strip in grill, boss plow mount, putco bedrails & blade bar in rear, PPF front bumper, tinted windows & debadged tailgate.
  10. With the B&W I haven't had any issues with my 8.5 wide v-nose enclosed trailer. I am very careful to not crank it around tho too. my thought is if you jackknife it you either did something wrong, or shouldnt be where you are in the first place.
  11. I wonder if a 7-pin trailer plug tester would work to trick it. My truck is getting PPF and tint at the moment but will try it later and report back. if it does it'd be easy enough to leave it plugged into the gooseneck port so long as you have a cover on the bed.
  12. I got the B&W thats specifically made for the multi-pro tailgate. The 7in drop is a little much IMO but its worth it to me to not have to EVER take it out. https://www.bwtrailerhitches.com/product/multipro-tow-stow
  13. My dot# is over 30 years old, Nothing happens automatically. In MN where I’m at we have the option to register as commercial or non-commercial. I registered as non-commercial since 98% of the time I’m not using it for business purposes that would qualify for DOT. I use the diesel to plow and pull my boat, 5th wheel or car hauler.
  14. @kfroese I did not put them on my truck. too much bs associated with it. my business is a trucking company so i have the numbers and all that if ever forced to put them on
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