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  1. im 52 so my motocross days are behind me ha ha!...my off roading will consist of orchard lanes and cornfields for bow season.
  2. thanks...that angle does look better.....and thanks (do it right the first time) ...I was leaning that way....just look'n for that nudge.
  3. to tell ya the truth I was looking at YOUR picture!....in the pic your looks just a little nose high ...is it the pic ?
  4. just picked up my 2020 satin steel trailboss lt.....so kind of an opinion question here....im either going with the 1.5 spacer or 1.75 readylift with uca's....right now measurements are 40 1/8 up front and 41 3/4 or 7/8 in back (measured in two different parking lots thought to be level)...so im thinking the 1.5 spacer would be almost exactly level... the readylift would put me nose high ?....i would would rather have an inch of rake than even a 1/4 nose high!....if i go ready lift can i put blocks in back to level out ?....i know im going with bfg ko2's 285/65/20 (had them on my 2016 gmc all terrain)....just looking for some opinions/advice....money is no issue ..i hit on a superbowl square! ha ha!
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