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  1. The light shield came in today, here are a couple photos
  2. Just ordered AVS Lightshield , it’ll be here Monday , I’ll post photos then
  3. It’s holding up very well, best part was that I didn’t have to remove the badge, also where the red meets the black isn’t 100% there are a couple places where it peeled when I initially did it, but it looks perfect if you aren’t up close inspecting it
  4. Wasn’t too meticulous , I actually cerakote firearms so masking the red off wasn’t bad, I did notice not to tape the red all the off, keeping a gap between the red and chrome allowed the plastidip to peel away cleaner and I just scored it with a razor blade, first time I’ve ever used plastidip as well, very impressed with the application process
  5. I used plastidip on my Z71 emblems here are a couple photos of the process for those interested
  6. Thanks to this thread I was able to do mine the other day, except I used cerakote graphite black , here is my my 2020CTB
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