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  1. Anybody have experience with lifts on the trail boss? I want to be able to put 35’s on my truck without having to cut so they don’t but I don’t want to add another 4 inches of lift...from the what I’ve been told by a few garages around here that’s the only way I’ll clear 35’s without rubbing...anyone do a readylift SST or level and put 35s on?
  2. Anyone know the part numbers for the driver side master switch with express up/down windows? And same for the passenger side? Wanna swap mine out so I can control all the windows automatically
  3. After 40 days in the shop finally got my custom TB back...getting $2000 gift card from GM towards accessories in exchange for my troubles....any suggestions you guys have as to what I should get? I’ve got the 5.3, already have a tonneau cover and already did work on my exhaust....any ideas would be appreciated TIA
  4. Question for you guys....my 2020 trail boss has been sitting at the dealer for 3 weeks now, high pressure fuel pump went, and apparently you there are none anywhere, and they are redesigning the pump...I’ve already been in touch with GM, anyone have any other ideas or routes I can take?
  5. Looking to level my 2020 trail boss custom...is the ready lift kit with the control arms necessary or am I good with a procomp leveling kit?
  6. Did you gain the functionality of the controls with the wheel swap?
  7. Did you gain any of the steering wheel controls functionality ?
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