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  1. This was a great thread to read, thank you!
  2. I saw that but that's 16k pounds, probably not what most 3/4 ton drivers are going to tow. I'm in the 8k range but I go through Yosemite over Tioga Pass etc often.
  3. I have heard very mixed reviews on the new gas 2500s. Most seem to say the motor is great but between the trans and the 3.73s, it's very underwhelming in its performance. Hoping to get real world input. For those of you who tow with the truck whats been your experience? Please let me know if you can: Towing geography (mountains, elevation, flat, sea level etc): Towing weight: Trailer type: I appreciate any input... still not sure if I should go duramax or gas.
  4. Hello all, I'm pretty well sold on swapping out my F150 for a 2500 6.6 gas GM product. Trying to decide if the electric steering included in the higher trim levels is worth the extra expense. Does anyone have any experience towing with both? I have a 32ft travel trailer and towing is the main function of this new truck.
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